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Hundreds of cars and tracks. Thousands of races. Tens of thousands of drivers worldwide.
The ultimate driving career online

Race2Play conducts multiplayer online auto races connecting thousands of like-minded drivers around the world in a professionally organized system.

Race2Play was the first online racing to be sanctioned by actual racing, achieving the recognition of the National Auto Sport Association (U.S.) in 2006. It has been featured in magazines such as Performance Racing News and Grassroots Motorsports.

Race2Play is powered by a proprietary web application developed uniquely for online racing drivers and teams, and on its launch Auto Sim Sport magazine called it "the next big thing ... (promising) to revolutionize the way we go about our cyber-racing lives."

Drivers around the globe agreed, making Race2Play the No. 1 platform worldwide supporting motorsport sims such as the rFactor titles, RaceRoom and the RACE'07 series of sims, Assetto Corsa, ARCA Sim Racing, Game Stock Car and more.

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Perales makes last-lap pass to finish in Sandown International Alfa GT-R

09 Dec 2016 — Alejo Perales made a final pass on the last lap for a second-place finish.

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Dos Santos drives Porsche 997RSR to noteworthy win, series title in Interlagos GP P997

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Manzanares makes last-lap pass to finish in Spa-Francorchamps '88 BMW E21

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Image by Carlos Lobo
this is an explication about the crasj on turn 1, i was chasing Mike and i was going for outside, he block that way, i coming to inside, he block the way, going again outside and he block again, when he put his car on my way he brake so early, look the "s
Grab your PC by the wheel and race

Choose from sports car, touring car, open wheel, stock car, off road, and time trial racing on virtually any modern racing simulation for the PC. Race anything, race everything – now, and with sims to come – and build a complete driving career online preserving your every achievement.

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Upcoming in the hotlight
In 19 hrs
series at Circuit of the Americas
Porsche 997s GT3
In 1 day
Swift Sport BMW E21 Sayonara series at Calder Park Raceway
167 BMW 320i
In 20 hrs
World GT Championship series at Sears Point Full
22012-1 Screenshot by Fabrizio Telasio

Stay connected with friends and teammates worldwide in one continuous community no matter what you drive, now and into the future.

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In action
Screenshot by Luke Maney
Race start
Screenshot by Alex Alvim
Alex Alvim enjoys leading for a few moments Mike dos Santos, one of the best virtual pilots in the world.
Week in review
81 different cars
27 different tracks
5,281 laps
460 new driver entries
226 new team entries
Acura ARX 03 Alfa 147 GTR Aston Martin DBR9 Aston Martin V8 Vantage Aston Martin Vantage ATS D1 LE Audi R8 GT3 Audi R8 Ultra Audi TT Cup BMW 320i BMW E90 BMW M3 E92 BMW Z4 BMW Z4 GTE Brabham BT46 LE Centennial Chevrolet Clio Cup '02 Corvette C6.R Corvette C7-R F1'71 Ferrari 312T3 LE Ferrari 458 Ferrari 458 GTE Ferrari F1'79 Ferrari F430 Flat6 RSR Ford Ford Focus ST Ginetta Zytek 09S Ginetta Zytek 09S Nissan Hesketh 308E LE Holden Honda Civic BTCC Honda Civic TCR Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT Ligier F1'79 Ligier JS P2 Lola B08/80 Judd Lola B09/86 Mazda Lola B11/83 HPD V6 Lola T598 Lotus 79 LE Lotus F1'79 Lotus-78 LE Martini Mk23 LE Maserati MC12 Mazda 787B Mclaren F1'79 McLaren M23 LE McLaren MP4-12C Mercedes Mercedes SLS AMG Merzario A1 LE Mitsubishi Lancer R Nissan Nissan GT-R GT3 Opel Astra OPC Oreca 03 Oreca 03 Nissan Panoz GT2 Peugeot Porsche 962C Porsche 997 RSR Porsche 997RSR Porsche 997s GT3 Porsche Spyder Evo Renault F1'79 Saleen S7R Sauber C11 Seat Leon Cup Racer Shadow DN9 LE Shrike P15 Spyker C8 STC2000 Swift DB5 Theodore Racing LE Titan Tyrrell 008 LE Vantage GT3 Viper SRT GTS-R Williams F1'79 Williams FW06 LE Wolf WR1 LE Wolf WR6 LE Zytek Z11SN
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