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Race2Play conducts multiplayer online auto races connecting thousands of like-minded drivers around the world in a professionally organized system.

Race2Play was the first online racing to be sanctioned by actual racing, achieving the recognition of the National Auto Sport Association (U.S.) in 2006. It has been featured in magazines such as Performance Racing News and Grassroots Motorsports.

Race2Play is powered by a proprietary web application developed uniquely for online racing drivers and teams, and on its launch Auto Sim Sport magazine called it "the next big thing ... (promising) to revolutionize the way we go about our cyber-racing lives."

Drivers around the globe agreed, making Race2Play the No. 1 platform worldwide supporting motorsport sims such as the rFactor titles, RaceRoom and the RACE'07 series of sims, Assetto Corsa, ARCA Sim Racing, Game Stock Car and more.

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Hunt runs most laps at front for win in Brands Hatch F185

30 Jun 2016 — Jack Hunt raced at the front of the field most of all drivers, leading 19 of 32 laps on a run to first place in Round 2 of the Terrible Turbos series.

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Thomas clinches class championship with win in Long Beach 1998 Multiclass

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Filippakos races through field from back of grid for win in Solitude TR250

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Image by Jack Hunt
Formation lap.
Grab your PC by the wheel and race

Choose from sports car, touring car, open wheel, stock car, off road, and time trial racing on virtually any modern racing simulation for the PC. Race anything, race everything – now, and with sims to come – and build a complete driving career online preserving your every achievement.

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Upcoming in the hotlight
In 2 days
EnduRacers Sports Car Championship series at Watkins Glen - Long
Screenshot by Alex Freitas
In 2 days
DG BTCC CUP series at Croft
21366-4 Screenshot by Indra Feryanto
In 1 day
FKR Megane Championship series at Donington Park GP
21200-1 Screenshot by Xavier Eugeni

Stay connected with friends and teammates worldwide in one continuous community no matter what you drive, now and into the future.

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In action
Screenshot by Indra Feryanto
1 comments 5 likes
Screenshot by Brette Brooks
Brooks & Colaci Crossover Part 2: Interesting thing about late passes is the overtaken car can apex at a better angle and accelerate out faster on the inside. Position swapped back before Lesmo 2 ;) THIS... is close racing!
Screenshot by Hugo Ramos
And there it is, lost the race lead and championship contend. Grats Mike!
2 comments 4 likes
Week in review
130 different cars
52 different tracks
11,771 laps
892 new driver entries
410 new team entries
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