Length: 5.148 km (3.192 mi)
Course type: Road
There have been many great racing circuits in the history of the automobile but none have compared to the Nurburgring, a 22.81 km rollercoaster ride through the wooded hills of the Eifel plateau in the western part of Germany, not far from the Belgian border. Centered on Nurburg village, which is overlooked by the ruins of an old 12th century castle, the circuit was the brainchild of the local district controller, a Dr. Creutz, who felt the construction would not only reduce the crippling unemployment in the area in the mid-1920s but also promote tourism and help the German motor industry by providing a testing facility. The idea won the support of the Mayor of Cologne, Konrad Adenauer, who would later rise to become the Chancellor of Germany, and it was Adenauer who convinced the government of the day to supply the 15 million Deutschmarks needed for the project. The work began in 1925 and was finished in time for a grand opening in June 1927. Such a fast and spectacular track must also have its victims and all around the old Nurburgring there are places where the fast and wild died young. In late 60's and early 70's according to the demands of the F1, the Nordschleife was reconstructed by taking out some bumps and installing Armco safety barriers. The track was also made straighter, following the race line, which reduced the official number of corners. The German GP could be hosted at the Ring again, for another 3 years from 1971 to 1973. Safety was improved again later on, e.g. by removing the jumps on the long main straight and widening it. In 1984 completely new 4.54 km circuit was built. It was built to meet the highest safety standards, but was considered in character a mere shadow of its older sibling. Some fans, which had to sit much further away from the track, called it Eifelring, Ersatzring or similar, believing it didn't deserve to be called Nurburgring. Since 1984 new circuit has undergone some changes, but remained pretty much the same. It has 9 right turns and 6 left turns, directions is clockwise and 2 more layouts, aside Grand Prix, are possible (Mullenbach and Sprint). - Enis Dauti

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