Formula 3 '06

Run class: Formula 3, Formula 3 TT
Peak hp: 221
Weight kg: 551
Formula Three cars are monocoque chassis, using slick racing tyres and wings. Currently, Dallara manufactures the overwhelming majority of F3 cars, though Lola (formerly in partnership with Dome of Japan), Mygale and SLC also have a limited output. In many smaller or amateur F3 racing series older cars are frequently seen. Usually these series are divided into two or more classes, to allow more participation. Engines in Formula 3 are all 2-litre, 4-cylinder naturally-aspirated spec engines. Engines must be built from a production model block ("stock block"), and often must be sealed by race or series organizers, so no private tuning can be carried out. Honda engines (prepared by Mugen) have perennially been popular, as have engines produced by Volkswagen, Alfa Romeo, or Renault. Currently the HWA-tuned Mercedes engine dominates the British and European series, with Mugen, Tom's-Toyota, and Spiess-Opel all being used by some teams.

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