As the natural successor to Reiza Studios' previous title - the highly regarded Stock Car Extreme released in 2013 - Automobilista continues to simulate premium Brazilian racing series such as Stock Car V8, Copa Petrobras de Marcas, Formula 3 Brasil, and Mitsubishi Lancer Cup, now packing every car and every track from their respective 2015 championships.

Beyond that Brazilian core, Automobilista is complemented with one of the most diverse selections of racing vehicles to be found in a racing game: to jump from a rental kart to an 800-HP F1 car; from drifting a Rallycross Evo X to jumping ramps in a Supertruck; from mastering the driving basics in a Formula Vee to managing a full 24-hour race in an endurance prototype; not to mentioon several decades of Grand Prix racing.

In action ...
Submitted by Luís Almeida
Submitted by Rob Milliken
First turn at the start of the final F3 race .. This was an intense race as top 5 spots are only separated by 6 points !
Submitted by Ivinho Kochenburger
Rod Millikin When leaving the pit lane ... You are a noob? If so this excused contrary, NOT!

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