One Last Hurrah

One Last Hurrah wraps up championship season
Simon Wattman captured the championship in a tight campaign over Marcos Nunez, separated by just a couple grid spots in the end. Wattman led 11 laps and took two victories in three races. Marcos Nunez and Luke Maney finished within a race of the title. Matt Geddes and Alejo Perales rounded out the Top 5.
Season: 42
Racing: Sports car
Luke Maney

Image by Luke Maney
The grid
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Sat Dec 17 UTC
05:00 PM

17 Dec 2016 — Simon Wattman logged seven laps at the front in a first-place run in the Longford '67 - Rainy S5000 LE in the opening round of the One Last Hurrah series.

Image by Luke Maney
Longford WSC
Sat Dec 24 UTC
06:00 PM

24 Dec 2016 — Alejo Perales raced past the checkered flag a narrow 0.192 seconds ahead of Simon Wattman to take second place in the Daytona International '70 S5000 LE in Round 2 of the One Last Hurrah series.

Image by Luke Maney
Sat Dec 31 UTC
06:00 PM

31 Dec 2016 — Simon Wattman secured the series championship with a first-place finish after leading four laps in the Le Mans '70 S5000 LE in the third and final round of the One Last Hurrah series.

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