Gomes controls lead every lap in Daytona Road Course - B Multiclass

Junior leads most laps in class for win

BMW 2002 tiis
Daytona Road Course - B Multiclass
18 Dec 2016
Ricardo Gomes

18 Dec 2016 — Ricardo Gomes led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish in the BMW tii class for his 30th career victory in the Daytona Road Course - B Multiclass.

Gomes ran the majority of three laps total leading Tony Carl Christensen after being caught by him on the first lap. Gomes controlled the race lead every lap from green flag to victory.

The notable victory for Gomes came on his second outing in the BMW 2002 tii.

Marcos Junior led all drivers in the BMW tiis class most for 15 of 16 laps on a run for first place.

Junior started the race in the first position and caught Bill Miller for first on the second lap. Junior cleared Miller and into first place on lap 2, and kept it the remaining 14 laps to the finish.

Bill Miller led the BMW tiis field for a lap in a run to third place.

Driving the BMW 2002 tiis, Miller ran nearly all of 12 laps total leading Roberto Perales after catching and passing him on the third lap. Miller cleared Perales and into third place on lap 3, and defended it against pressure by Perales another 11 laps toward the checkered flag.

Roberto Perales took fourth place in the BMW tiis class.

Rafael Iwata captured second place in the BMW tiis class.

Tony Carl Christensen won second place in the BMW tii class.

Perales wrestled the advantage back and forth with Ramon Llupart in a lengthy and unrelenting battle for third starting early on, running within an apex of each other over a span of 13 laps. Perales drove nearly equal parts leading Llupart after engaging and passing him on the second lap. After losing the spot on lap 3, Perales passed Llupart for the second time and into fourth place on lap 7, and controlled it the remaining nine laps to the conclusion.

Iwata spent all of 16 laps total pursuing Marcos Junior after engaging him on the first lap, coming from as many as four spots back. In the end Iwata settled into second the 15 laps running to the conclusion.

Carl Christensen started the race in the second place and caught Pablo Gomes for third on the first lap. Carl Christensen passed Gomes and into second place when Gomes retired on lap 2, and kept it another 0 laps till his own early retirement due to dnf trouble.

Pablo Gomes took third place in the BMW tii class.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
BMW tiis 1 Marcos Junior Over 50 Racing Team 16 31:23.312
BMW tii 1 Ricardo Gomes Riders on the Storm Racing 16 33:48.283
BMW tiis 2 Rafael Iwata Riders on the Storm Racing 16 31:54.625
BMW tiis 3 Bill Miller 16 31:58.527
BMW tiis 4 roberto Perales 16 32:00.728
BMW tiis 5 Everett Dumont Atlantic Motorsport Academy 16 32:20.954
BMW tiis 6 Ramon Llupart Moonshine Academy 16 32:37.951
BMW tiis 7 Bruno Chacon Riders on the Storm Racing 16 32:50.072
BMW tii 2 Tony Carl Christensen Atlantic Motorsport International 2 DNF
BMW tii 3 Pablo Gomes 1 DNF
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