Gomes finishes with pass on final lap for win in Donington Park GP SLEC

Rebok leads most laps

Donington Park GP SLEC
31 Dec 2016
Ricardo Gomes

31 Dec 2016 — Ricardo Gomes made a final pass on the last lap for a first-place finish in the Donington Park GP SLEC.

Gomes traded positions multiple rounds with Jozsef Rebok in a lengthy and determined fight for the race lead starting early on, running within car lengths of each other over a stretch of 12 laps. Gomes drove the majority pursuing Rebok after targeting him on the first lap. Gomes launched an extended challenge at Rebok midway through, staying within a straightaway behind him and gaining ground over an unbroken run of six laps. Gomes passed Rebok for the second time and into first place when Rebok retired on the final lap.

Jozsef Rebok raced at the front of the field most of all drivers, leading six of 12 laps but ultimately settling for fourth place.

Manuel Alves logged two laps at the front in a second-place run.

Rebok mixed it up with Ricardo Gomes in a lengthy and unrelenting fight for the race lead from the early stages, running within an apex of each other over a span of 11 laps. Rebok ran the majority leading Gomes after being engaged by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 3, Rebok got around Gomes and into first place on lap 6, and kept it another few laps toward the checkered flag before retiring early due to fuel trouble.

Alves ran the majority of six laps total pursuing Ricardo Gomes after being challenged and passed by him on the third lap. In the end Alves settled into second the lap running to the checkered flag.

Ricardo Turon won third place.

Turon ran nearly equal parts of 10 laps total leading Manuel Alves after being caught by him on the third lap. Turon fended off an extended challenge by Alves in the early stages, staying just a scuff ahead of him over an unbroken run of six laps. Ultimately Turon lost the spot on lap 9 and settled into third the lap running to the checkered flag.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Ricardo Gomes Riders on the Storm Racing 12 20:19.151
2 Manuel Alves 12 20:33.615
3 Ricardo Turon 12 21:00.637
4 Jozsef Rebok 11 Fuel
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