Manzanares controls lead from start to finish, clinches title in Eastern Creek BMW E21

Image by Matias Perales

Nunez races BMW 320i

Eastern Creek BMW E21
23 Dec 2016
Ken Jagger

23 Dec 2016 — Javier Manzanares led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish for his first career victory and clinch the series championship in the Eastern Creek BMW E21 in Round 4 of the Swift Sport BMW E21 Sayonara series.

Manzanares drove all of 19 laps total leading Mark Carty after being engaged by him on the first lap. Manzanares controlled the race lead every lap from green flag to win.

The series championship was clinched this final round by Manzanares with his winning run. Manzanares took the victory in one of his four starts, leading 25 of 94 laps total.

The inaugural victory for Manzanares came on his fifth outing in the BMW 320i.

Swift Sport BMW E21 Sayonara series finished its season after four rounds spanning a little more than a week. A total of 40 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Javier Manzanares took the championship in a tight campaign over Ville Hartikainen, separated by just a couple grid spots in the end. Manzanares led 25 laps and took a single win in four races. Ville Hartikainen, Tommaso Pinter, Matias Perales, Mark Carty, Marcos Nunez, and Mike Dos Santos finished within a race of the title.

Marcos Nunez took fourth place.

Mark Carty captured second place.

Nunez mixed it up with Rogier De Klein in a pressing fight for fourth from the middle stages, running within an apex of each other over a range of eight laps. Nunez ran the majority pursuing De Klein after being engaged and passed by him on lap 12. Nunez launched a prolonged challenge at De Klein in the middle stages, staying within an apex behind him and gaining ground over an unbroken run of five laps. Nunez got around De Klein and into fourth place on lap 17, and kept it the remaining couple laps to the checkered flag.

Nunez finished the series sixth in the standings. Nunez made three starts and finished as high as fourth.

Tony Carl Christensen captured fifth place.

Carty spent all of 10 laps total leading Ken Jagger after being caught by him on the first lap. After starting third, Carty took second position on the first lap and held it every lap to the finish.

Carty finished the series fifth in the standings. Carty made three starts and finished as high as second.

Ken Jagger took third place.

Carl Christensen mixed it up with Rogier De Klein in a fervent fight for sixth from the middle stages, running within an apex of each other over a span of eight laps. Carl Christensen spent the majority pursuing De Klein after being challenged and passed by him on lap 8. Carl Christensen passed De Klein and into fifth place when De Klein retired on lap 18, and held it the final lap to the conclusion.

Carl Christensen finished the series 14th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as fifth.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Javier Manzanares 19 30:58.290
2 Mark Carty CanAm Racing 19 31:12.127
3 Ken Jagger Bad Voices Racing 19 31:35.065
4 Marcos Nunez 19 31:45.591
5 Tony Carl Christensen Atlantic Motorsport International 19 31:51.063
6 Jim Debacquer 19 32:15.039
7 Jorge Herrera 19 32:22.281
8 Rogier de Klein 17 DNF
9 Ramon Llupart 17 31:09.215
10 Matt Geddes Moonshine Runners 9 DNF
11 Bill Miller 6 DNF
13 Breno Diogo 4 DNF
12 alejo perales 3 DNF

BMW 320i
Posted by Ken Jagger at 09:22 AM on Mon Dec 26 EST

Grats to all who ran in this series and especially to Javier on taking the Championship too with a strong performance in all the races.

Hope to see you all racing online somewhere in the near future.

Posted by Matias Perales at 03:15 PM on Wed Dec 28 EST

e yo termine segundo

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