Nassim controls lead most laps for win in Calder Park Raceway ETCC03

Gaiteira drives at top of order

Calder Park Raceway ETCC03
24 Dec 2016
Ricardo Gomes

24 Dec 2016 — Alaoui Nassim led all drivers most for 22 of 25 laps on a run for first place in the Calder Park Raceway ETCC03.

Nassim traded positions with Nuno Gaiteira in a lengthy and unrelenting fight for the race lead from the early stages, running within a bumper of each other over a stretch of 25 laps. Driving the Alfa ETCC, Nassim spent nearly all leading Gaiteira after being caught by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 5, Nassim cleared Gaiteira and into first place on lap 8, and defended it against pressure by Gaiteira the remaining 18 laps to the conclusion.

Nuno Gaiteira held the lead for three laps in a run to second place.

Driving the Alfa ETCC, Gaiteira swapped leads with Alaoui Nassim in a long and tense fight for the race lead starting early on, running within a turn of each other over a range of 25 laps. Gaiteira ran the majority pursuing Nassim after targeting him on the first lap. Ultimately Gaiteira settled into second the 18 laps running to the finish.

Roberto Medeiros captured third place.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Alaoui Nassim Atlantic Motorsport Academy 25 25:52.444
2 Nuno Gaiteira Atlantic Motorsport Academy 25 25:59.328
3 Roberto Medeiros 25 26:41.404
4 Luis Galvez 2 DNF
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