Jagger locks down series championship driving Lola T598 in Hitchin - British F3 Sports 2000

Burlington controls lead every lap

Swift DB5
Hitchin - British F3 Sports 2000
28 Dec 2016
Ken Jagger

28 Dec 2016 — Ken Jagger clinched the series championship with his run to fourth place in the Hitchin - British F3 Sports 2000 in the fourth and final round of the Swift Sport S2000 Winter Series.

Benedict Burlington led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish.

Jagger drove nearly equal parts of 49 laps total leading Josh Crane after being engaged by him on the fifth lap. Jagger fended off an extended attack by Crane in the beginning, staying just car lengths ahead of him over a solid run of 25 laps. In the end Jagger lost the spot on lap 30 and settled into fourth the 23 laps running to the conclusion.

The series championship was clinched this final round by Jagger with his fourth-place run. Jagger took the victory in one of his four starts, leading 29 of 141 laps total.

From the 11th spot on the starting grid, Josh Crane worked through the field of 12 to claim third place at the finish.

Burlington spent all of 36 laps total leading Matt Geddes after being caught by him on the first lap. Burlington controlled the race lead every lap from green flag to victory.

Burlington finished the series ninth in the standings. He made one start and led 54 of his 54 laps raced while taking the win once.

Driving the Shrike P15, Crane ran the majority of three laps total pursuing Lukáš Horák after targeting him on lap 29, coming from as many as nine positions back. Crane cleared Horák and into third place on lap 31, and held it the remaining 22 laps to the conclusion.

Crane finished the series 11th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as third.

Swift Sport S2000 Winter Series finished its season after four rounds spanning several weeks. A total of 23 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Ken Jagger captured the championship, leading 29 laps and taking one victory in four races. Mark Carty, Ville Hartikainen, Alejo Perales, and Matias Perales rounded out the Top 5.

Lukáš Horák held off Mark Carty at the finish line by the tight margin of 0.260 seconds to take seventh place.

Horák ran the majority of three laps total leading Josh Crane after being caught by him on lap 29. Ultimately Horák settled into seventh the 20 laps running to the checkered flag, holding off Carty by the narrow margin at the line.

Horák finished the series 18th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as seventh.

Matt Geddes won second place.

Geddes ran nearly equal parts of 19 laps total leading Lukáš Horák after catching and passing him on lap 20. Geddes cleared Horák and into second place on lap 20, and defended it against pressure by Horák another 11 laps toward the conclusion.

Geddes finished the series 10th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as second.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Benedict Burlington 54 40:15.146
2 Matt Geddes 54 40:49.401
3 Josh Crane 53 40:15.578
4 Ken Jagger Bad Voices Racing 53 40:39.236
5 Ronny Farias 53 40:54.858
6 Jorge Herrera 52 40:41.246
7 Lukáš Horák 50 40:21.406
8 Mark Carty CanAm Racing 50 40:21.666
9 Barrett Erickson 50 40:48.754
10 Ramon Llupart 48 40:38.030
11 Bill Miller 25 DNF
12 Steve Brown 14 Engine

–1 L
Sports 2000
Lola T598
Posted by Ken Jagger at 05:57 PM on Fri Dec 30 CET

Thanks to everyone who ran in this series over the last four weeks. I hope to see all of you racing online somewhere in the future, if not as often as we have done here at R2P.

–40 L
Sports 2000
Swift DB5
Posted by Steve Brown at 10:33 PM on Fri Dec 30 CET

First race back after a 4 year break, I am the first to admit I was very rusty.

Had a crash course in more ways than one, it was a good race to get back into things but when I was being lapped by somebody I lifted slightly to allow them to pass easier into the next corner and got rear ended into the signposts which killed my car.

Not the best way to get back into the swing of things I guess, see you all at COTA tomorrow night

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