Jagger locks down series championship in Kyalami '79 GT40

Hartikainen dominates lead every lap

Ford GT40
Kyalami '79 GT40
01 Nov 2016
Ken Jagger

01 Nov 2016 — Ken Jagger clinched the series championship with his run to second place in the Kyalami '79 GT40 in the fourth and final round of the Swift Sport Classic GT40 series.

Ville Hartikainen started on the pole and led every lap on the way to a commanding victory.

Jagger ran the majority of nine laps total pursuing Csaba Lakó after engaging him on lap 21, coming from as many as seven places back. Jagger got around Lakó and into second place on lap 29, and controlled it the remaining nine laps to the checkered flag.

The series championship was clinched this final round by Jagger with his second-place run. In four starts, he finished as high as second.

Hartikainen spent all of 11 laps total leading Ken Jagger after being engaged by him on the first lap. Hartikainen controlled the race lead every lap from start to victory.

Hartikainen finished the series second in the standings. Hartikainen made two starts and led 38 of his 59 laps while taking the victory once.

Swift Sport Classic GT40 series finished its season after four rounds spanning several weeks. A total of 24 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Ken Jagger captured the championship, leading zero laps in four races. Ville Hartikainen, Luke Maney, Reinhard Berger, and Jason Mätas finished out the Top 5.

Jason Mätas won third place.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Ville Hartikainen 38 45:59.983
2 Ken Jagger Bad Voices Racing 38 46:31.782
3 Jason Mätas 38 46:42.935
4 Ramon Llupart Moonshine Academy 38 46:57.991
5 Csaba Lakó Atlantic Motorsport International 37 46:11.257
6 Joao Botelho de Sousa Atlantic Motorsport Academy 36 46:19.572
7 Ben Polley 31 Suspension
8 Juan Pola Team Ahma 8 DNF
9 abhishek dalia White Knockels Rookie Team 8 Suspension
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