Alves laps at front of field for win in Portugal Clio

Barker leads most laps

Clio Cup
Portugal Clio
31 Dec 2016

31 Dec 2016 — Manuel Alves logged six laps at the front in a first-place run in the Portugal Clio in the sixth and final round of the Renault Clio Super Cup series.

Alves drove nearly equal parts of 11 laps total leading Colin Barker after challenging and passing him on lap 11. Alves got around Barker and into first place on lap 11, and defended it against pressure by Barker the remaining six laps to the checkered flag.

Alves finished the series in front of the standings. Alves made six starts and led 66 of his 116 laps while taking the win four times.

Colin Barker raced at the front of the field most of all drivers, leading 10 of 16 laps but ultimately settling for second place.

Barker spent nearly equal parts of 11 laps total leading Manuel Alves after being engaged by him on the first lap. Ultimately Barker settled into second the half-dozen laps running to the checkered flag.

Barker finished the series second in the standings. Barker made six starts and led 10 of his 116 laps while finishing as high as second.

Renault Clio Super Cup series finished its season after six rounds spanning several months. A total of 49 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Manuel Alves captured the championship, leading 66 laps and taking four wins in six races. Colin Barker, Rob Milliken, Juan Puyo, and Ricardo Gomes finished out the Top 5.

Ricardo Gomes captured third place.

Gomes mixed it up with Manuel Alves in a long and tense fight for second starting early on, running within a bumper of each other over a stretch of 10 laps. Gomes drove equal parts leading Alves after challenging and passing him on the second lap. Gomes fended off a prolonged attack by Alves early in the running, staying just a turn ahead of him over a solid run of five laps. Ultimately Gomes lost the spot on lap 7 and settled into third the 10 laps running to the finish.

Gomes finished the series fifth in the standings. Gomes made five starts and finished as high as third.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Manuel Alves Moonshine Runners 16 31:35.147
2 Colin Barker N.E.W! 16 31:38.562
3 Ricardo Gomes Riders on the Storm Racing 16 32:02.662
4 Simon Swarbrick 16 32:31.335
5 Hajmolaali Hamed 16 32:47.302
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