Erickson runs most laps in top spot of class for win in Montreal Multiclass

Venne laps at top of order

Audi R8 LMS
2016-17 Race of the Year: Montreal Multiclass
31 Dec 2016
Zack Paine

31 Dec 2016 — Mike Erickson commanded the lead in the IMSA_GTLM class most of all, leading 36 of 37 laps on a run to first place in the 2016-17 Race of the Year: Montreal Multiclass.

Driving the Ferrari 458, Erickson spent nearly all of 18 laps total leading Len Venne after challenging and passing him on the second lap. Erickson passed Venne and into first place on lap 2, and controlled it the remaining 35 laps to the finish.

Len Venne led the IMSA_GTLM field for a lap in a run to third place.

Driving the Ferrari 458, Venne ran the majority of 12 laps total pursuing Todd Chapman after catching him on lap 19. Venne launched a prolonged challenge at Chapman midway through, staying within a straightaway behind him and gaining ground over a solid run of 11 laps. Venne cleared Chapman and into third place on lap 30, and kept it the remaining seven laps to the conclusion.

Barrett Erickson captured second place in the IMSA_GTLM class.

Josh Crane took fifth place in the IMSA_GTLM class.

Erickson drove nearly equal parts of 20 laps total leading Len Venne after engaging and passing him on lap 19, coming from as many as five spots back. Erickson passed Venne and into second place on lap 19, and controlled it the remaining 18 laps to the conclusion.

Driving the Corvette C7-R, Crane swapped leads with Todd Chapman in a long and tense fight for fifth nearing the finale, running within a bumper of each other over a range of 12 laps. Crane drove the majority leading Chapman after being engaged by him on lap 8. After losing the spot on lap 32, Crane cleared Chapman and into fifth place on lap 35, and held it the remaining lap to the finish.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
IMSA_GTLM 1 Mike Erickson 37 1:00:52.304
IMSA_GTLM 2 Barrett Erickson 37 1:01:32.420
IMSA_GTLM 3 Len Venne 37 1:01:56.572
IMSA_GTLM 4 Matt Geddes 37 1:02:17.919
IMSA_GTLM 5 Josh Crane 36 1:01:07.993
IMSA_GTLM 6 Todd Chapman 36 1:01:08.601
IMSA_GTLM 7 Alan Chapman 36 1:01:53.095
IMSA_GTLM 8 Jason Whited Riders on the Storm Racing 36 1:01:58.842
IMSA_GTLM 9 Bill Miller 35 1:02:35.971
IMSA_GTLM 10 Steve Brown 6 Accident

Ferrari 458
Posted by Len Venne at 01:14 PM on Sun Jan 01 EST

Well, as the sun slips slowly over the western sky for the final time.
I bid a very fond fairwell to the greatest race site ever to grace the servers of this world.


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