Hartikainen leads most laps for win in Brands Hatch Skoda

Image by Kahel Grahf

Hourmilougue captures tight finish

02 Sep 2016 — Ville Hartikainen led all drivers most for 16 of 19 laps on a run for first place in the Brands Hatch Skoda in Round 4 of the Simulation Racing Pilipinas Skoda Octavia Challenge [Euro] series.

Hartikainen spent the majority of 19 laps total leading Daniel Pásztor after catching and passing him on the fourth lap. Hartikainen passed Pásztor and into first place on lap 4, and defended it against pressure by Pásztor the remaining 16 laps to the checkered flag.

Hartikainen moves up to fifth in the standings, seven points behind Hernan Hourmilougue. Hartikainen has two starts and led 16 of his 44 laps while taking the win once.

Hernan Hourmilougue held off Adolfo Onrubia at the finish line by the narrow margin of 0.396 seconds to take third place.

Hourmilougue drove all of 15 laps total leading Adolfo Onrubia after being engaged by him on the first lap. Hourmilougue fended off a prolonged attack by Onrubia in the middle stages, staying just a turn ahead of him over an unbroken run of 13 laps. After starting fifth, Hourmilougue took third position on the first lap and controlled it every lap to the checkered flag, holding off Onrubia by the whisker-thin margin at the line.

Hourmilougue remains in fourth in the standings, cutting the gap to third's Mark Carty to seven points. Hourmilougue has four starts and finished as high as third.

Making his 30th start in the Skoda Octavia '08, Adolfo Onrubia drove to a fourth-place finish.

Onrubia ran the majority of four laps total pursuing Manuel Alves after catching him on the third lap, coming from as many as three positions back. Onrubia cleared Alves and into fourth place on lap 6, and held it the remaining 13 laps to the checkered flag.

Onrubia remains in the lead of the standings, increasing the lead over rival Kahel Grahf to 17 points. Onrubia has four starts and led 74 of his 93 laps while taking the victory three times.

In the 30 career runs taken by Onrubia in the Skoda Octavia '08, he has led 225 laps in all and taken the win nine times.

Simulation Racing Pilipinas Skoda Octavia Challenge [Euro] series moves on to Round 5 in a week at Bridgehampton. The series has 28 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Adolfo Onrubia leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Kahel Grahf, Mark Carty, Hernan Hourmilougue, Ville Hartikainen, Manuel Alves, Ricardo Gomes, Porfirio Dias Santos, José Sousa, Ed Jones, Daniel Pásztor, Mark Voltaire Elman, Shane Jaducana, Christian Duque, and Joao Beato. The Top 5 places are an open field for 27 drivers in the running with three races remaining.

Daniel Pásztor held the lead for three laps in a run to second place.

Pásztor spent the majority of 19 laps total pursuing Ville Hartikainen after being engaged and passed by him on the fourth lap. In the end Pásztor settled into second the 16 laps running to the checkered flag.

Pásztor is 11th in the standings for the series. He has one start and led three of his 19 laps raced while finishing as high as second.

Mark Carty won fifth place.

Carty traded positions with Manuel Alves in a long and persistent fight for fifth late in the action, running within car lengths of each other over a stretch of 14 laps. Carty spent nearly all leading Alves after being engaged by him on lap 6. Carty fended off a prolonged challenge by Alves in the middle stages, staying just a turn ahead of him over an unbroken run of 10 laps. After losing the spot on lap 16, Carty cleared Alves and into fifth place on lap 17, and defended it against pressure by Alves the remaining three laps to the conclusion.

Carty remains in third in the standings, cutting the gap to second's Kahel Grahf to five points. Carty has four starts and finished as high as third.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Ville Hartikainen 19 31:26.751
2 Daniel Pásztor 19 31:31.748
3 Hernan Hourmilougue Institute of Driving Recruits 19 31:33.365
4 Adolfo Onrubia 19 31:33.761
5 Mark Carty CanAm Racing 19 32:06.508
6 Manuel Alves Moonshine Runners 19 32:07.263
7 Michal Jandus 19 32:08.067
8 Ed Jones Loud Exhaust Racing 19 32:13.734
9 Kahel Grahf 19 32:15.409
10 Porfirio Dias Santos Oceanika Motorsport 19 32:22.231
11 Mark Voltaire Elman Simulation Racing Pilipinas 19 32:35.309
12 Simon Suck Simulation Racing Pilipinas 19 32:47.069
13 Ricardo Gomes 3 DNF
14 abhishek dalia 2 DNF

Posted by Race2Play Staff at 07:56 PM on Mon Sep 05 CEST

Simon Suck under review for Punting

Numerous other drivers under review for Off-Course Excursions

Posted by Race2Play Staff at 05:16 PM on Tue Sep 06 CEST

Warning issued to Simon regarding Punting. It is 100% YOUR responsibility to prevent nose-to-tail contact.

No actions required after Off-Course Excursion review. As is stated, very clearly, in the rule discussion forum; simple going off-course is NOT a violation of the rule. Just because someone accidentally runs wide and off the track is not a violation of our rules. And, a natural and realistic line that the common majority are using (such as the common use of the full T1 exit curbing) is also NOT a violation of our rule. I recommend everyone take the time and read the discussion regarding this rule, it is very-very-very clear.

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