Hourmilougue controls lead from start to finish in Road One Skoda

Gaiteira takes to rFactor

Skoda Octavia '08
Road One Skoda
19 Sep 2016

19 Sep 2016 — Hernan Hourmilougue led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish in the Road One Skoda in Round 6 of the Skoda Octavia Challenge [SoAm] series.

Hourmilougue drove all of 10 laps total leading Nuno Gaiteira after being caught by him on the first lap. Hourmilougue controlled the race lead every lap from start to win.

Hourmilougue moves up to the lead of the standings, 11 points ahead of Porfirio Dias Santos. Hourmilougue has five starts and led 38 of his 74 laps while taking the victory three times.

Nuno Gaiteira took second place.

Skoda Octavia Challenge [SoAm] series moves on to its seventh and final round in a week at a circuit to be named. The series has 31 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Hernan Hourmilougue leads the championship in a tight campaign over Porfirio Dias Santos, separated by just a handful of finishing positions. The title continues to be challenged by Mark Carty, Adolfo Onrubia, and Nuno Gaiteira as well. The Top 5 places are an open battleground for seven drivers in the running with one race remaining.

Gaiteira ran the majority of 11 laps total leading Porfirio Dias Santos after catching and passing him on the third lap. Gaiteira cleared Dias Santos and into second place on lap 3, and defended it against pressure by Dias Santos the remaining nine laps to the finish.

Gaiteira moves up to fifth in the standings, nine points behind Adolfo Onrubia. Gaiteira has four starts and finished as high as second.

Porfirio Dias Santos captured third place.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Hernan Hourmilougue Institute of Driving Recruits 11 32:41.111
2 Nuno Gaiteira Atlantic Motorsport Academy 11 32:55.864
3 Porfirio Dias Santos Oceanika Motorsport 11 33:04.814
4 Ashley Bevis N.E.W! 11 33:59.131
5 Justin Cox 11 34:03.770
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