Gaiteira finishes charge with last-lap pass in Cadwell Park Skoda

Hourmilougue controls lead every lap

Skoda Octavia '08
Cadwell Park Skoda
17 Sep 2016

17 Sep 2016 — Starting back in the field, Nuno Gaiteira made up five positions to ultimately capture third place on the final lap in the Cadwell Park Skoda in the fifth and final round of the Skoda Octavia Challenge [USA] series.

Gaiteira ran the majority of nine laps total pursuing Carl Schulz after catching him on lap 13, coming from as many as five places back. Gaiteira launched an extended attack at Schulz midway through, staying within car lengths behind him and gaining ground over a solid run of eight laps. Gaiteira passed Schulz and into third place on his final lap.

Gaiteira finished the series 11th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as third.

Hernan Hourmilougue started on the pole and led every lap on the way to a commanding victory.

Hourmilougue spent all of 21 laps total leading Fernando Silva after being caught by him on the first lap. Hourmilougue controlled the race lead every lap from start to victory.

Hourmilougue finished the series second in the standings. Hourmilougue made four starts and led 41 of his 89 laps while taking the victory twice.

Carl Schulz won fourth place.

Nicolas Laroche made a final pass on the last lap for a sixth-place finish.

Skoda Octavia Challenge [USA] series finished its season after five rounds spanning a month. A total of 29 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Mike Dos Santos won the championship in a tight campaign over Hernan Hourmilougue, separated by just a few grid spots in the end. Dos Santos led 56 laps and took three victories in four races. Hernan Hourmilougue, Carl Schulz, and Fernando Silva finished within a race of the title. Lucas ONeille rounded out the Top 5.

Schulz spent nearly all of nine laps total leading Nuno Gaiteira after being engaged by him on lap 13. Schulz fended off a prolonged attack by Gaiteira in the middle stages, staying just car lengths ahead of him over an unbroken run of eight laps. Ultimately Schulz lost the spot on lap 21 and settled into fourth the lap running to the conclusion, missing Gaiteira ahead by just 0.504 seconds at the line.

Schulz finished the series third in the standings. Schulz made five starts and finished as high as third.

Laroche spent the majority of 19 laps total pursuing Juliano Flores after targeting him on the second lap, coming from as many as three positions back. Laroche got around Flores and into sixth place on his final lap.

Laroche finished the series 18th in the standings. He made one start and finished as high as sixth.

Fernando Silva captured second place.

Silva started the race in the second position and was caught by Nuno Gaiteira for second on the first lap. Silva held second position every lap from the green flag to the checkered flag.

Silva finished the series fourth in the standings. Silva made four starts and led 11 of his 83 laps while finishing as high as second.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Hernan Hourmilougue Over 50 Racing Team 21 31:26.773
2 Fernando Silva 21 31:51.529
3 Nuno Gaiteira Atlantic Motorsport Academy 21 32:03.994
4 Carl Schulz 21 32:04.498
5 Alan Chapman 21 32:07.451
6 Nick Satanas Moonshine Academy 20 31:49.709
7 Juliano Flores 20 31:55.736
8 Todd Chapman 14 DNF
9 Audie Devanugraha White Knockels Rookie Team 0 DNF

Skoda '08
Skoda Octavia '08
Posted by Nuno Gaiteira at 10:57 PM on Sun Sep 18 EEST

replay please

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