Hourmilougue races through field to razor-thin win in Bridgehampton Skoda

Image by Carl Schulz
Exciting finish nearly ends in disaster with out of control back marker.

Dos Santos races Skoda Octavia '08

Image by Fernando Silva
The final lap of the podium Much like the others laps all of them
Bridgehampton Skoda
10 Sep 2016

10 Sep 2016 — Hernan Hourmilougue picked his way through more than half the field to ultimately hold off Mike Dos Santos by just 0.104 seconds at the finish line for first place in the Bridgehampton Skoda in Round 4 of the Skoda Octavia Challenge [USA] series.

Hourmilougue ran nearly equal parts of five laps total leading Fernando Silva after catching and passing him on lap 12, coming from as many as 11 spots back. Hourmilougue got around Silva and into first place on lap 12, and kept it the remaining half-dozen laps to the pulse-pounding finish with Dos Santos.

Hourmilougue moves up to second in the standings, 24 points behind Mike Dos Santos. Hourmilougue has three starts and led 20 of his 68 laps while taking the victory once.

In the 20 career runs taken by Hourmilougue in the Skoda Octavia '08, he has led 63 laps in all and taken the victory twice. Hourmilougue has taken the car to Bridgehampton two times, and this was the first win there. He turned his fastest laps yet, shaving 0.542 seconds off his previous best lap time.

Mike Dos Santos captured second place.

Fernando Silva led all drivers most for 11 of 18 laps but ultimately settled for third place.

Dos Santos ran the majority of 16 laps total pursuing Fernando Silva after targeting him on the first lap. Dos Santos got around Silva and into second place on lap 14, and defended it against pressure by Silva the remaining five laps to the finish.

Dos Santos remains in the lead of the standings, 24 points ahead of Hernan Hourmilougue. Dos Santos has four starts and led 56 of his 87 laps while taking the victory three times.

Silva ran the majority of 16 laps total leading Mike Dos Santos after being caught by him on the first lap. In the end Silva settled into third the few laps running to the checkered flag.

Silva moves up to fifth in the standings, three points behind Lucas ONeille. Silva has three starts and led 11 of his 62 laps while finishing as high as third.

Skoda Octavia Challenge [USA] series moves on to Round 5 in a week at Cadwell Park. The series has 25 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Mike Dos Santos leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Hernan Hourmilougue, Carl Schulz, Lucas ONeille, Fernando Silva, Jose Pereira, Mark Voltaire Elman, and Rodrigo Flores. The Top 5 places are an open field for 25 drivers in the running with three races remaining.

Making his 10th start in the Skoda Octavia '08, Lucas ONeille drove to a seventh-place finish.

ONeille drove the majority of four laps total leading Carl Schulz after being engaged by him on the third lap. Ultimately ONeille settled into seventh the dozen laps running to the finish.

ONeille remains in fourth in the standings, three points behind Carl Schulz. ONeille has three starts and finished as high as second.

Juliano Flores captured fourth place.

In the 10 career runs taken by ONeille in the Skoda Octavia '08, he has finished as high as second twice.

Flores traded positions with Carl Schulz in a long and tense battle for fifth from the early stages, running within a scuff of each other over a span of 18 laps. Flores drove the majority leading Schulz after being engaged by him on the first lap. After losing the spot on lap 4, Flores passed Schulz and into fourth place on lap 8, and defended it against pressure by Schulz the remaining 11 laps to the conclusion.

Flores is 11th in the standings for the series. He has one start and finished as high as fourth.

Carl Schulz captured fifth place.

Schulz traded positions with Juliano Flores in a long and persistent battle for fifth starting early on, running within a turn of each other over a stretch of 18 laps. Schulz spent the majority pursuing Flores after targeting him on the first lap. Schulz launched an extended challenge at Flores midway through, staying within a couple turns behind him and keeping pace over a continuous run of 11 laps. Ultimately Schulz settled into fifth through attrition the 11 laps running to the conclusion.

Schulz drops to third in the standings, eight points behind Hernan Hourmilougue. Schulz has four starts and finished as high as third.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Hernan Hourmilougue Institute of Driving Recruits 18 31:01.551
2 Mike Dos Santos Oceanika Motorsport 18 31:01.655
3 Fernando Silva 18 31:02.661
4 Juliano Flores 18 31:37.969
5 Carl Schulz 18 31:42.637
6 Rodrigo Flores White Knockels Rookie Team 18 31:53.944
7 Lucas ONeille 17 31:37.081
8 jose pereira Moonshine Bootlegger 16 31:21.193
9 Matt Faust 15 31:33.075
10 Ricardo Senior 8 Suspension
11 Daltton Lima 6 DNF
12 David Marques Oceanika Motorsport 3 Suspension

Skoda '08
Skoda Octavia '08
Posted by Hernan Hourmilougue at 05:08 PM on Sat Sep 10 CEST

where is the replay guys?. what a race. a good clean fight with mark and fernando.

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