Hourmilougue locks down series championship with win in Misano World Circuit Vintage F2

Bruppacher drives in lead of pack

Misano World Circuit Vintage F2
20 Sep 2016
Simon Swarbrick

20 Sep 2016 — Hernan Hourmilougue secured the series championship with a first-place finish after leading 19 laps in the Misano World Circuit Vintage F2 in the eighth and final round of the 1978 F2 GP series.

Hourmilougue spent nearly all of 18 laps total leading Jari Bruppacher after challenging and passing him on the third lap. Hourmilougue cleared Bruppacher and into first place on lap 3, and held it the remaining 18 laps to the conclusion.

The series championship was clinched this final round by Hourmilougue with his winning run. Hourmilougue took the win in two of his seven starts, leading 52 of 191 laps total.

Jari Bruppacher held the lead for two laps in a run to second place.

Driving the Nova 532, Bruppacher swapped leads with Mark Carty in a lengthy and unrelenting fight for second from the early stages, running within a bumper of each other over a range of 20 laps. Bruppacher drove nearly all leading Carty after being caught by him on the second lap. After losing the spot on lap 4, Bruppacher cleared Carty and into second place on lap 7, and defended it against pressure by Carty the remaining 15 laps to the finish.

Bruppacher finished the series 19th in the standings. He made one start and led two of his 21 laps raced while finishing as high as second.

Mark Carty captured third place.

Driving the Chevron B42, Carty mixed it up with Jari Bruppacher in a lengthy and determined fight for second starting early on, running within a turn of each other over a span of 20 laps. Carty drove the majority pursuing Bruppacher after catching him on the second lap. Carty launched an extended challenge at Bruppacher in the middle stages, staying within car lengths behind him and gaining ground over a solid run of 15 laps. In the end Carty settled into third the 15 laps running to the finish, missing Bruppacher ahead by just 0.435 seconds at the line.

Carty finished the series third in the standings. Carty made seven starts and finished as high as third.

1978 F2 GP series finished its season after eight rounds spanning a little more than a month. A total of 35 drivers competed for points in the championship.

Hernan Hourmilougue took the championship, leading 52 laps and taking two wins in seven races. Toni Talvitie, Mark Carty, Simon Swarbrick, and Matt Geddes rounded out the Top 5.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Hernan Hourmilougue Over 50 Racing Team 21 35:07.545
2 Jari Bruppacher Pinnacle Motorsports 21 35:39.993
3 Mark Carty CanAm Racing 21 35:40.428
4 Alessandro Unnia 21 36:13.313
5 Bruno Chacon Moonshine Runners 21 36:21.532
6 Rafael Iwata 21 36:49.510
7 Porfirio Dias Santos Oceanika Motorsport 15 Engine
8 Simon Swarbrick N.E.W! 14 35:26.696
9 Csaba Lakó 0 Suspension

Vintage F2
Nova 532
Posted by Alessandro Unnia at 04:42 AM on Wed Sep 21 UTC

Congratulations to Hernan, for the race and championship, welcome back to Jari, still very fast, and to Mark. I cannot stay with you all, too fast.
Porfirio: it has been very hard with you so close to me for many laps. Great!
A special thanks to Simon for hosting this championship. I really enjoyed it.
Races very fair. Congratulations to all and see you soon somewhere else.

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