Dotson leads most laps for win in F3-P Spanish GP Feature

Miller races through field from back of grid

Formula 3 '06
F3-P Spanish GP Feature
29 Mar 2007

29 Mar 2007 — Pat Dotson commanded the lead most of all, leading 18 of 18 laps on a run to first place in the F3-P Spanish GP Feature in Round 13 of the Formula 3 (West) series.

Dotson drove all of 11 laps total leading David Martinez after originally being engaged by him on the first lap. After starting third, Dotson took the race lead on the first lap and controlled it to the win.

Dotson remains in the lead of the standings, increasing the lead over rival Richard Hylands to 36 points. Dotson has eight starts and led 79 of his 129 laps while taking the win five times.

Gary Miller passed through more than half the field from 14th on the starting grid to sixth place at the finish line.

Miller traded positions with Bert Owens in a long and persistent battle for seventh starting early on, running within a turn of each other over a span of 15 laps. Miller spent the majority pursuing Owens after initially being challenged and passed by him on the fourth lap. Miller cleared Owens and into sixth place when Owens retired on lap 15, and held it the final couple laps to the finish.

Miller moves up to third in the standings, nine points behind Richard Hylands. Miller has 11 starts and finished as high as fourth.

David Martinez took second place.

Formula 3 (West) series moves on to Round 14 later this day at Barcelona Catalunya. The series has 62 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Pat Dotson leads the championship. The title continues to be challenged by Richard Hylands, Gary Miller, Barry Blocker, Tommy Regan, Diego Gauna, Wyatt Gooden, Darin Boyd, Tom Malanga, David Martinez, Mitch Simon, Nick Johnston, Bert Owens, Shane Metzger, Jarrod Barclay, Dmitry Tsarev, Johnny McCalister, Bill Johnson, Tom Depke, Aubrey Windle, Myrick Hearn, Eric Taylor, Rick Ellison, Gamlet Beglaryan, George Pol, Kent Welker, Jimmy Jones, Josh Herman, Bobby Babaletskos, Esteban Gutierrez, Jerry Daniels, Stanislav Gorbunov, Tommy Christian, Miguel Astorga, Toni Calderon, Edgar Villabona, Donnie Yourth, Gregg Mulgrew, Alison Hine, Don Fleming, Kevin Lockridge, Eric Lauer, Michael Bush, Tim Leitz, Larry Anderson, Ced Collins, Martin Bissonnette, Jay Freels, Fernando Deutsch, Cyril Ma, Timothy Whitney, Peter Easton, Mike Bennett, Dave XMartinez, Alex Fed, Sam Jackson, Garry Hedrick, Peter Byun, Race Johnson, Brandon Warren, Chuck Penfield, and John Midgley. The Top 5 places are an open ring for 62 drivers in the running with seven races remaining.

Martinez traded positions with Fernando Deutsch in a long and tense fight for second starting midway through, running within car lengths of each other over a range of 12 laps. Martinez spent the majority pursuing Deutsch after initially being engaged and passed by him on the fifth lap. Martinez launched an extended challenge at Deutsch midway through, staying within a couple turns behind him and gaining ground over a solid run of seven laps. Martinez cleared Deutsch and into second place when Deutsch retired on lap 12, and held it the final half-dozen laps to the finish.

Martinez moves up to 10th in the standings, now tied in points with ninth's Tom Malanga following Malanga's fourth-place finish. Martinez has three starts and led five of his 35 laps while taking the victory once.

George Pol captured third place.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Pat Dotson UltraForce Racing 18 29:44.902
2 David Martinez 18 29:51.551
3 George Pol UK-NL Racing 18 30:28.938
4 Tom Malanga Bringin The Pain 18 30:37.959
5 Jerry Daniels Talon Racing 18 31:10.226
6 Gary Miller 17 29:54.092
7 Edgar Villabona Race2Play Orphans 17 30:21.368
8 Alison Hine UltraForce Racing 15 30:03.997
9 Bert Owens Race2Play Orphans 14 DNF
10 Eric Lauer Bringin The Pain 11 DNF
11 Fernando Deutsch Scuderia Internazionale 11 DNF
12 Michael Bush Race2Play Orphans 5 DNF
13 Myrick Hearn Talon Racing 1 DNF
14 Esteban Gutierrez 0 DNF
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