Gooden controls lead from start to finish in F3-P Essington GP Feature

Simon makes last-lap pass to finish charge through field

Formula 3 '06
F3-P Essington GP Feature
22 Feb 2007

22 Feb 2007 — Wyatt Gooden led every lap from first-place start to first-place finish in the F3-P Essington GP Feature in Round 5 of the Formula 3 (West) series.

Gooden drove all of 18 laps total leading Pat Dotson after originally being caught by him on the first lap. Gooden controlled the race lead every lap from green flag to victory.

Gooden moves up to third in the standings, four points behind Tommy Regan. Gooden has two starts and led 42 of his 42 laps while taking the victory twice.

Formula 3 (West) series moves on to Round 6 later this day at Essington. The series has 43 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Starting back in the field, Mitch Simon made up 12 positions to ultimately capture eighth place on the final lap.

Simon drove the majority of 12 laps total pursuing Jay Freels after engaging him on lap 8, coming from as many as five spots back. Simon launched an extended attack at Freels midway through, staying within a sector behind him and gaining ground over a continuous run of 11 laps. Simon got around Freels and into eighth place on his final lap.

Simon remains in sixth in the standings, now tied in points with seventh's Johnny McCalister. Simon has five starts and led three of his 84 laps while finishing as high as fourth.

Pat Dotson captured second place.

Gary Miller won fifth place.

Dotson ran the majority of three laps total pursuing Richard Hylands after originally catching him on the second lap. Dotson got around Hylands and into second place on lap 4, and controlled it the remaining 16 laps to the finish.

Dotson remains in the lead of the standings, increasing the lead over rival Tommy Regan to eight points. Dotson has four starts and led 28 of his 73 laps while taking the victory twice.

Tom Depke took third place.

Miller wrestled the advantage back and forth with Kevin Lockridge in a close fight for eighth starting early on, running within an apex of each other over a range of seven laps and changing positions three times. Miller drove nearly equal parts leading Lockridge after originally catching and passing him on the fourth lap. After losing the spot on lap 6, Miller cleared Lockridge for the second time and into fifth place on lap 7, and controlled it the remaining 13 laps to the checkered flag.

Miller moves up to eighth in the standings, three points behind Johnny McCalister. Miller has five starts and finished as high as fifth.

RESULTS Click driver name for individual report
1 Wyatt Gooden UltraForce Racing 20 30:54.391
2 Pat Dotson UltraForce Racing 20 31:19.985
3 Tom Depke Feint Motion MotorSports 20 31:30.626
4 Barry Blocker FSR Sim-Gear 20 32:06.693
5 Gary Miller 20 32:16.680
6 Bert Owens Race2Play Orphans 20 32:24.540
7 Bill Johnson Race2Play Orphans 19 31:34.758
8 Mitch Simon 19 31:37.733
9 Jay Freels Race2Play Orphans 19 31:39.658
10 Gregg Mulgrew CORE Racing 16 DNF
11 Cyril Ma Talon Racing 15 DNF
12 Rick Ellison Code3RaciN 12 DNF
13 Richard Hylands Feint Motion MotorSports 12 32:58.162
14 Larry Anderson EAGLE Racing 7 DNF
15 Kevin Lockridge Code3RaciN 7 DNF
16 Jarrod Barclay Code3RaciN 7 DNF
19 Aubrey Windle 6 DNF
19 Eric Lauer 2 DNF
19 Ced Collins 1 DNF
20 Brandon Warren EAGLE Racing 0 DNF
21 Tom Malanga Code3RaciN 0 DNF

–1 L
Formula 3
Formula 3 '06
Posted by Bill Johnson at 03:21 PM on Thu Feb 22 UTC

I was real happy with this race. Now most of the guys wouldn't be so pleased with my result. I feel like I'm bringing a knife to a gunfight at these F3 races. I'm not in the same league as these fellas so my race is really against my self and the track. My objective tonight was to run mistake free and shoot at a top 10. I was able to stay on the track, no 2offs or detours through the dingle berries looking for sand weevils this time. Attrition allowed me to get the car into the top 10. It was also a good race for the R2P Orphan team. Bill, Bert and Jay all finished and brought the cars back to the garage in good shape.

–13 L
Formula 3
Formula 3 '06
Posted by Larry Anderson at 12:38 AM on Fri Feb 23 UTC

Race2play makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. You walk in and are overwhelmed by all the goodness there for the taking. The only problem is that my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I really want to like the f3`s but I just can`t seem to get a handle on them.Most of the time it spins about every other corner.I`m about ready to abandon the damn things all together.
That track was awesome though. I was amazed at how good it looked.That was the first time I ever raced there,if that is what you want to call what I was doing.

–1 L
Formula 3
Formula 3 '06
Posted by Jay Freels at 03:01 AM on Fri Feb 23 UTC

After the Porsches Tuesday nights the F3's were a breeze (so t o speak:) Was a fun race, wish I'd kept it on the road better there at the end, lost 2 places due to self spins, a little too much brake.

And it was good for the team to take 3 top 10 places!

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