Geddes takes to rFactor in Daytona International '70 S5000 LE

Image by Luke Maney
The grid
Image by Luke Maney
Matt at Daytona
Daytona International '70 S5000 LE
24 Dec 2016
Luke Maney

24 Dec 2016 — Matt Geddes captured fourth place in the Daytona International '70 S5000 LE in Round 2 of the One Last Hurrah series.

Driving the Ferrari 512 S Coda Corta LE, Geddes traded positions multiple rounds with Mark Carty in a long and tense fight for fourth late in the action, running within a bumper of each other over a range of 14 laps and changing positions four times. Geddes drove the majority leading Carty after being engaged by him on lap 6. Geddes fended off a prolonged challenge by Carty in the middle stages, staying just an apex ahead of him over a solid run of eight laps. After losing the spot on lap 16, Geddes cleared Carty for the second time and into fourth place on lap 17, and controlled it the remaining few laps to the finish.

Geddes moves up to fifth in the standings, now tied in points with fourth's Alejo Perales following Perales's second-place finish. Geddes has two starts and led one of his 23 laps while finishing as high as fourth.

One Last Hurrah series moves on to its third and final round in a week at Le Mans '70. The series has 16 drivers competing for points in the championship.

Marcos Nunez leads the championship in a tight campaign over Simon Wattman, separated by just a single grid spot. The title continues to be challenged by Luke Maney, Alejo Perales, Matt Geddes, Scott Ring, and Andrie Ambadar as well. The Top 5 places are an open ring for 16 drivers in the running with one race remaining.

1 Marcos Nunez 21 35:08.462
2 alejo perales 21 35:47.462
3 Simon Wattman 21 35:47.654
4 Matt Geddes Moonshine Runners 21 35:57.396
5 Luke Maney No More Chicanes 21 36:00.394
6 Gilles Lalonde 21 36:45.779
7 Santiago Castro 20 35:42.539
8 Everett Dumont Atlantic Motorsport Academy 20 36:21.936
9 Mark Carty CanAm Racing 18 Engine
10 Joao Botelho de Sousa Atlantic Motorsport Academy 8 Engine
11 Ruslan Nurgaliev 6 Engine
S5000 LE
Ferrari 512 S Coda Corta LE
Posted by Matt Geddes at 09:00 PM on Sat Dec 24 UTC

Great screenshots of Luke, that was a really fun race, I really like the day night transition, although I think tire where should be set to five times , And maybe fuel should be set higher as well, but either way great fun and looking forward to Le Mans!

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