Freitas drives at head of pack for win in Circuit of the Americas Multiclass

Image by Alaoui Nassim
just look at it & smile :)
Image by Alex Freitas
Circuit of the Americas Multiclass
31 Dec 2016

31 Dec 2016 — Alex Freitas led the ES_GT1 field for five laps in a run to first place in the Circuit of the Americas Multiclass in the eighth and final round of the Farewell Race2Play EnduRacers Endurance Series [SemiPro].

Driving the Corvette C6.R, Freitas swapped leads multiple rounds with Matt Geddes in a lengthy and determined fight for the race lead from the beginning, running within a turn of each other over a stretch of 43 laps. Freitas ran the majority pursuing Geddes after engaging him on the first lap. Freitas launched an extended challenge at Geddes early in the running, staying within a turn behind him and keeping pace over a solid run of 33 laps. Freitas passed Geddes for the second time and into first place on lap 39, and controlled it the remaining few laps to the checkered flag.

Freitas finished the series in front of the ES_GT1 class standings. Freitas made seven starts and led 77 of his 335 laps while taking the victory four times.

Farewell Race2Play EnduRacers Endurance Series [SemiPro] finished its season after eight rounds spanning two months. A total of 52 drivers competed for points in the multiclass championships.

Fahn Thomas captured the ES_GT2 class championship, leading 248 laps and taking six wins in seven races. Barrett Erickson, Gilles Lalonde, Tobias Mueller, and Bolas Plata finished out the Top 5.

Alex Freitas won the ES_GT1 class championship, leading 77 laps and taking four wins in seven races. Paul Anstey, Ramon Llupart, Jorge Herrera, and Jason Whited rounded out the Top 5.

John Van Der Geest took the ES_P2 class championship in a tight campaign over Marcos Junior, separated by just a single finishing position in the end. Van Der Geest led 218 laps and took three victories in seven races. Ken Jagger, Mike Erickson, and Andrie Ambadar finished out the Top 5.

ES_P2 1 John van der Geest G.E.A.R. 46 1:31:24.976
ES_P2 2 Mike Erickson Bad Voices Racing 46 1:31:29.797
ES_P2 3 Marcos Junior Ace motorsport 46 1:31:47.040
ES_P2 4 Matteo Tolari 46 1:32:52.946
ES_P2 5 Ken Jagger Bad Voices Racing 46 1:33:08.430
ES_GT1 1 Alex Freitas Oceanika Motorsport 43 1:32:26.223
ES_GT2 1 Alaoui Nassim Atlantic Motorsport Academy 42 1:32:05.817
ES_GT1 2 Matt Geddes 42 1:32:07.275
ES_GT2 2 Barrett Erickson 42 1:32:14.068
ES_GT2 3 Tobias Mueller ACD-Racing 42 1:32:21.562
ES_GT1 3 Paul Anstey SimMadRacers 42 1:32:51.367
ES_GT1 4 Jorge Herrera 42 1:32:56.839
ES_P2 6 Mario Rocha Atlantic Motorsport Oldtimers 42 1:33:21.069
ES_GT2 4 Lukáš Horák 41 1:31:26.835
ES_GT1 5 Matthew Overton 41 1:31:29.449
ES_GT1 6 John Smith 41 1:32:10.591
ES_GT2 5 Gilles Lalonde 40 1:32:58.551
ES_GT1 7 Ramon Llupart 40 1:31:29.692
ES_GT2 6 Mateusz Stasiak 25 DNF
ES_GT1 8 Steve Brown 25 Accident
ES_P2 7 Toni Talvitie Pinnacle Motorsports 23 DNF
ES_P2 8 Benedict Burlington 23 Suspension
ES_P2 9 Ville Hartikainen 17 DNF
ES_GT1 9 Jason Whited Riders on the Storm Racing 17 DNF
ES_GT1 10 Fabrizio Telasio Scuderia Italia Racing 2 DNF
Corvette C6.R
Posted by Alex Freitas at 07:43 PM on Sat Dec 31 CET

First about the race:

I just don't get it,this track.Every lap you do somenthing wrong,then, the other lap, you try make up and there's another new mistake...Frustanting!
I didn't expect to win,because Telasio,Anstey and Geddes had more pace.With the first two out of contention early,was beetween Matt and I. We were close,but I made two mistakes in two laps,which leave him 15 sec on the lead. Towards the end,before the pits,I don't know how,we got together again. I pit first(not a advantage),but somehow got back in front of him. Lucky me!

Now "The Place":

Thank you Race2Play for all this years,what a nice ambient to race!Thank you all who I raced with !Special thanks to my former teamates Mike dos Santos(who let me race when I was just I dnf guy),Marcos Junior(who teach me a few things about setup),and Fahn Thomas(nicest and fastest guy I ever seen)and John VdG(for the GEAR league).

And all of you that I didn't mention thank you too !Happy New Year!!!

Until one day...!

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