Sponsorship opportunities

Sports car European Le Mans 4 events Btn_quickview
Sports car United Sports Car Championship [SemiPro] 8 events Btn_quickview
Sports car World Endurance Championship 8 events Btn_quickview
Sports car EnduRacers Endurance Series [SemiPro] 8 events Btn_quickview
Sports car GT2 Sports Car Challenge 2 events Btn_quickview
Sports car Virtual LeMans Series [USA] 6 events Btn_quickview
Sports car European 2-Litre Championship [SemiPro] 1 events Btn_quickview
Sports car World GT Challenge 7 events Btn_quickview
Sports car Blancpain Sprint Series [USA] 6 events Btn_quickview
Open wheel Formula Extreme [SemiPro] 1 events Btn_quickview
Open wheel Super Formula 3 [SemiPro] 5 events Btn_quickview
Touring car V8 Supercars 7 events Btn_quickview
Touring car Deutsche Tourenwagen-Meisterschaft 5 events Btn_quickview
Touring car Copa Petrobras de Marcas [USA] 1 events Btn_quickview
Touring car 1970 Trans Am Cllenge 3 events Btn_quickview
Touring car Renault Clio Super Cup 6 events Btn_quickview
Touring car Copa Petrobras de Marcas [USA] 4 events Btn_quickview
Touring car American Touring Car Championship 3 events Btn_quickview

Sponsorship opportunities are offered on select series and events. Sponsorships attach your sponsor name to the series and event titles, which are used throughout the pages sitewide. You may also include a 468x60 graphical banner and link for use on the individual series and event pages.

Want to shape the events you're sponsoring? Specifically labeled "Sponsor's Pick" event sponsorships empower you to select the track for that race. (This applies to the specifically labeled individual event sponsorships and not to the series-level title sponsorships.)

You control the sponsor names, banners and links (and "Sponsor's Pick" track selections) through your own sponsorship management panel. *

Sponsorships may be purchased and managed through your regular member account, or you may create a separate basic sponsor account for this purpose.

If you have any questions or would like any guidance, contact Tim or Todd.

* Race2Play reserves the right to review and refuse sponsorship / advertisement content at its sole discretion, in accordance with the user Terms of Service.
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