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Unlocking Everything
Dec 15, 2006

Posted by Rob Melchione Id_icon_gray at 02:07 AM on Dec 15, 2006 Post #1

Hey how do I unlock all the tracks? It's hard to practice offline if the track is locked.

Posted by Chip Wiegand Id_icon_gray at 02:40 AM on Dec 15, 2006 Post #2

Install this file to your GTR2 root folder. Restart GTR2.

Posted by Rob Melchione Id_icon_gray at 09:03 PM on Dec 15, 2006 Post #3

Thanks Chip.

Posted by Joe Cronk Id_icon_gray at 10:06 AM on Jan 18, 2011 Post #13

l know this is a stupid question what do i ave to do to down load GTR2.i have bought a GTR2 3 disk where i bought on amzon dot com i paid over a 100.00 dollars its in a white box.i cant ever get online even when i do the updates which i think there is three of just gives me and error.i see there is a red box and a yellow box do i need one of them.and i had windows vista home preium 64 bit now i have gone to windows 7 proffesional 64 bit i have not tried to down load with the new version of windows.i want to play the game so bad.can some one please help,thanks joe cronk..

Posted by Ray Nelson Id_icon_gray at 10:51 AM on Jan 18, 2011 Post #14

Go to the GTR2 website and download the functionality patch to allow you to get on-line.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 11:19 AM on Jan 18, 2011 Post #15

Or download from R2P here -

Running Win 7 64 bit - your game won't run from the disc. You'll need the no disc exe file to copy over the 1.1 exe file. Not sure where you'd get that - anyone else know a good place to download it?

Posted by Hugo Ramos Id_icon_gray at 11:29 AM on Jan 18, 2011 Post #16

the GTR2 no-cd executable can be found at NoGrip