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AC Club racing at SRO
Jan 03, 2017

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 03:53 AM on Jan 03, 2017 Post #1

Anyone interested FKR will be hosting club racing Saturdays at SRO

This Saturdays race 07/01/17 will feature the 2016 Porsche GT3 R at Nurburgring ! 20 laps .. Quall starts at 20:00 GMT

The SRO site is coming together and with new results/race entry software being tested (I can say it's quite nice)it will be something to check out for sure !

In the mean time have a look SimRacingOnline main page

Posted by John van der Geest Id_icon_gray at 01:52 AM on Jan 05, 2017 Post #2

I'm in Rob. Will sign up.

Posted by Glen Van Winkle Id_icon_gray at 12:46 AM on Jan 08, 2017 Post #3


I've been looking for a place to get some AC races in. Miss running laps online in AC.

I'll take a look :)

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 02:37 PM on Jan 08, 2017 Post #4

We have an AC server up all week for requiting and practice with this weeks track & car combo! look for the SRO server > A1-SRO Porsche 2016 GT3 R @ Spa

Its like the Mobil 1 PCC challenge !

(just type A1 in the server search window and it will pop up)

Its open racing during the week with limited sessions -30 min P, 10 min Q, 7 lap practice races ..

you need to register and singe up for the main Events held on Saturdays ! @ 20:00 GMT 10 min Q , and an average of 20 lap/45 min races the main events are pass worded ..

Once registered at SRO send me any custom skins you want and ill assignee them on the server !

check it out>
SRO Club racing AC forum

hope to see you for next sat at SPA !

Porsche pack III needed for this series .. (the 2016 GT3 R is a fabulous car! we choose the 2016 as it drives much better than the 2017 and has complete tuning where the 2017 is limited in the tuning department)