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Final Stats for Phoenix Racing at R2P 2008 - 2016
Jan 01, 2017

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 05:02 AM on Jan 01, 2017 Post #1

Final Stats for the team:-

R2P Phoenix Racing has now completed:-

3,778 events (2nd highest of all teams at R2P)

354,786 racing miles (4th highest)

377 Wins (13th highest)

89 Team Championships (7th highest)

1,308 Podiums

293 Poles

Of the total events entered, 1,560 have been Sports Car; 1,300 Touring car; 649 Open Wheeler; 187 Stock Car; and 31 Off-Road.

Top 3 drivers (R2P Events raced for Phoenix Racing) are:- Juan Aul 728; Michael Virt 662; and Brian Fairley 553.

Others stats:-

2,514 team screenshots

863 tracks and 671 cars driven, both the highest number by any team past or present at R2P!

Top three (current) winning Drivers are:-

Vinicius Ferreira (88)

Alden Edwards (55)

Brian Fairley (46)

Thanks to all team members past and present. "It's been emotional".......

RIP R2P and Phoenix Racing.

Posted by Michael Virt Id_icon_gray at 04:19 PM on Jan 01, 2017 Post #2

Nice stats, and once more thanks for beiing part of this.

We are still here :)