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Thanks R2P
Dec 31, 2016

Posted by Petteri Viitala Id_icon_gray at 01:27 AM on Dec 31, 2016 Post #1

Thank you Tim and Todd. Great site and good racing, good memories. Good luck to you both in the future, whatever it may be.


Posted by Alex Alvim Id_icon_gray at 07:48 PM on Dec 31, 2016 Post #2


Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 09:54 PM on Dec 31, 2016 Post #3

I'm still in shock...No!!!!this can't be happening? What am I supposed to do now? Ugh!!, come on guys, just re-tool, come up with a plan and startup Race2Play Lives Again in about 3 months, ok?

I will miss this place and all those fun races and the competition and the comraderie! Oh well, I will just have to get used to it I guess?

Thanks Tim for all the help with my league, see you guys around.

Posted by Steve Brown Id_icon_gray at 01:45 AM on Jan 01, 2017 Post #4

Heya ppl, I made it aware in the COTA event that I don't like to use fb as it causes too many arguments.
If anyone wants to get in touch with me they can add me on the following:-
KIK: squeekz420
email: (same as skype) and
XBL: ItsDogandDuck
Steam: squeekz3
Hope to hear from you guys soon

Posted by Carmen Montero Id_icon_gray at 02:24 AM on Jan 01, 2017 Post #5

Thank you race2play for all these races. Successes to each of the creators and gamers of the community.

Posted by Norm Borczon Id_icon_gray at 05:26 PM on Jan 01, 2017 Post #6


Six years of MNRL racing here, R2P saved our league.
Many fine memories here...

Goodbye to a great place, super good racing, the Admin's friend,
farewell Tim and Todd, hope to see you somewhere on down the line, you guys were great super admins. Thanks for all the help, good luck and fortune to you both...
Norm Borczon, MNRL

Posted by Jack Wall Id_icon_gray at 09:39 PM on Jan 02, 2017 Post #7

Sad to see this news and thanks to all involved, Tim and Todd having lead the way.

Having been a supporter, I'd stepped out a while ago and was looking to come back.

Best for the future guys.

Jack Wall

Posted by abhishek dalia Id_icon_gray at 12:41 PM on Jan 03, 2017 Post #8

i have only been here for one year and i have met and made soooo many friends here which would have been impossible to do on other site.The racing was also very fun here,race2play is the reason why i bought a wheel,but thank you guys for running this site,thank you.