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Phoenix Racing Team will end when R2P ends
Dec 21, 2016

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 04:57 PM on Dec 21, 2016 Post #1

Hi guys

I've decided that the team, started back in 2008 at R2P, will end when R2P ends.

I'm finding what I feared on first hearing of R2P closure. And that is - for my time zone - there's not a lot of things out there for me personally to go racing.

And with that, I'd rather concentrate on running my Stock Car racing league (ARAIG) and commit to a single vehicle with the limited time I'll likely have in 2017.

It's been a great 8+ years. And I thank all the friends I've made here within the team and who have kept running despite my recent issues - which has kept the team right up there in quite a few areas of the Top 10 Stats.

A team solely focused on having fun and not necessarily winning, many happy memories:).

Good luck gentlemen in whatever you do next. And remember to keep in touch!


Posted by Michael Virt Id_icon_gray at 10:41 PM on Dec 22, 2016 Post #3

Yes many very nice memories! if any of you is playing World of warships or GTA V let me know. Those two are at the moment only two games I'm playing online. But racing was something different. I just think that younger generation is not so much into "simulation" games."arcade"style racing is just more popular I guess, not many people wants to spend so much time with practising and fine tunning and that's why number of paying members dropped. Good I still have some replays...

Posted by Brian Fairley Id_icon_gray at 02:54 AM on Dec 30, 2016 Post #4

Sad to hear that the team will be disbanding shortly but i understand why.

It has been a pleasure to race with everyone in the team and have some great memories racing with and against you guys :)

Like to say cheers to Andy for all his efforts running the team :)

I hope to cross paths with you guys in other leagues. Anyone who wants to get in touch with me:

I wish everyone a happy new year and all the best in 2017.

Over & out :)

Posted by Michael Virt Id_icon_gray at 03:42 AM on Dec 30, 2016 Post #5

What is this email means Brian? Are you an owner of casino ?:)

Posted by Brian Fairley Id_icon_gray at 04:09 AM on Dec 30, 2016 Post #6

I wish i was mate!