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ARAIG memories at Race2Play
Dec 10, 2016

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 05:51 PM on Dec 10, 2016 Post #1

The closure of Race2Play undoubtedly caught everyone by surprise. As soon as I read the news, I immediately started thinking about all of the racing I said I wanted to do at R2P once I could find the proverbial free moment. Those plans seemed to always get pushed further back. Unfortunately now, all those races will never happen. But, what I do take away from my experience at R2P is the great racing and friendships that happened, and especially the stock car racing under Andy's ARAIG league. I have had soooo much fun running these events with you ladies and gentlemen over the years. I've always looked forward to those Saturday nights when there was an ARAIG event scheduled. Of course, not every event went my way, but no one can argue that we didnt have a ton of fun!

I have so many fond memories of past events.... helping Andy decide on the name of the league, the epic battles on the track, everyones shananigans over TeamSpeak, the entire season of racing where you could count the total number of yellow flags on one hand....

There were a couple of personal events and achievements that really come to mind, and I intend to take some time and come back to jot them down here. I hope it inspires the rest of you to do the same and post your best memories of racing stock cars with ARAIG at R2P as well. I trust they will all be a great read!

There are also 2 claims to fame for me here in the ARAIG league. Probably at the top is my many wins at Daytona! My Daytona wins started way before ARAIG at R2P, but the majority came racing against you guys. Not all the Daytona events were good though. There is one bad race that stands out and that was during the Livewire Energy Daytona 500k event that was broadcast on the Internet. Here I am leading the damn thing with all eyes on me, and I dont warm up my brakes properly before pitting and locked the rears and spin out, losing the lead and race in front of who knows how many people watching the broadcast. OUCH, that one stung bad! #choke

The other acheivement that made me most proud was becoming the only 2 time winner at the San Jose street circuit (in any online league that I can find) in the ARCA stock car. The most difficut track with the most difficult car to drive "fast" on a road course. And beating Luis just made it that much sweeter!! :)

Of course there are many more memories that I have, and as they come back to me I will post them here. I hope to see all of your ARAIG stock car racing memories posted here as well, and carry on with it through to the end of R2P.

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 12:52 AM on Dec 13, 2016 Post #2

I remember that battle at San Jose, that was a close finish, I tried to catch you on that final corner I believe. Good times. I even beat Luis at that same track, what a great track.

My best was winning at Spa in GTR 2 endurance series. I'd never won an official online race before that. GTR 2 was my big push into road racing, and I experienced it full effect here at R2P. So many close battles. Like racing Andy at Magny cours in a classic Ferrari vs Porsche battle. Challenging one of GTR 2's finest Tristan Bayless at Brno. So many battles between Arca and GTR 2 I've had, at least I still have the replays.

Gonna miss this place.

Posted by Jim Barisoff Id_icon_gray at 05:33 PM on Dec 13, 2016 Post #3

I've run so many races here that they all tend to blend together. lol

The ones I do remember is Tom Malanga pushing me to victory at Daytona, not once but twice. :)
And of course, the many battles with Bob & Francisco. They were always tough to get by. ;)

Posted by Joseph Di Pino Id_icon_gray at 10:45 PM on Dec 13, 2016 Post #4

This may predate ARAIG and there's been a boatload of good memories here for me in ARAIG. When we used to use TPSCC, Steve Smith - a very excellent sports car racer in GTR and GTR2 - winning at one of the plate tracks and bellowing on TS "I'm Richard Petty, Richard Petty".

Posted by Tom Malanga Id_icon at 12:46 AM on Dec 14, 2016 Post #5

Wow so many good times! Jim I so remember that race,There was no way I was leaving your six.Many more great memories with all of you.I will miss it all.
Plus may I add that I have held the most wins in stock car from the start of R2P! and I have not raced in 2 years.Had to put that in somewhere.I have never mentioned it before.Stay safe and happy all!

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 12:56 AM on Dec 14, 2016 Post #6

Here's the event that I referred to in the OP. The Livewire Energy 500. Full grid of 33 cars. Yellows on. Sponsors. Live broadcast. As Real As It Gets BABY!!

A great screenshot by Andy in P25 on Lap 3 of the event. I was so way in over my head. I still hadn't figured out what the ARCA car liked at this point in it's use at Race 2Play. So I would drive it like I drove everything else, as fast as it would go every lap. (Of course, we all know now that The Sim Factory's representation of the ARCA stock car was just too damn realistic in tire physics and ended up just making everyone better sim racers) I made it to the front on fuel mileage only because my car was so bad after 10 laps that I couldn't go fast and burn fuel. Everyone had to pit way before me, but I knew to pit early to be able to get back out and still be in the lead. But no....

I basically just flat out choked and threw a great finish away, one that was being broadcast!

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 07:55 AM on Dec 14, 2016 Post #7

Be prepared! Got quite a few memories, need to collate the info and pictures (lol)......

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 08:03 AM on Dec 14, 2016 Post #8

Some Stats based on ARCA Sim Racing (that's obviously R2P events including ARAIG events). Arca Sim Racing was ARAIG's main Sim from 2010 to early 2016. Tom Malanga is King of ARCA wins! No surprise there.....

ARCA Sim Racing (including ASRX) Driver WINS:-

1 Tom Malanga 44
2 Andy Graydon 41
3 Luis F Almeida 36
4 David Ulmer 31
5 Michael Lilley 23
6 Kevin Brents 18
7 Dan White 15
8 Jeremy Denzer 15
9 Chris Melton 14
10 Chuck Runyan 13
11 Les Lamont 12
12 Bob Fay 12
13 Rob Partridge 8
14 Joseph Di Pino 8
15 Jim Barisoff 6

ARCA Sim Racing (including ASRX) Driver STARTS:-

1 Jim Barisoff 328
2 Bob Fay 206
3 Tom Malanga 206
4 Andy Graydon 194
5 Luis F Almeida 150
6 Rich Baker 117
7 David Ulmer 110
8 Greg Ulmer 97
9 Les Lamont 82
10 Michael Lilley 77
11 David Fridley 76
12 Charles Davis 75
13 Chris Melton 73
14 Bill Kaiser 70
15 Jack Ulmer 68

ARCA Sim Racing (including ASRX) VEHICLE STARTS:-

1 ARCA 4128
2 ARCA Truck 285

ARCA Sim Racing (including ASRX) TRACK STARTS:-

1 Kansas Speedway 357
2 Talladega Super Speedway 354
3 Daytona Speedway 354
4 Rockingham Speedway 301
5 Michigan International 280
6 Nashville Superspeedway 259
7 Milwaukee Mile 255
8 Pocono Raceway 234
9 Iowa Speedway 219
10 Kentucky Speedway 202
11 Fort Worth Speedway 178
12 USA International Speedway 176
13 Salem Speedway 172
14 Chicagoland Speedway 108
15 Toledo Speedway 102

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 10:43 PM on Dec 24, 2016 Post #9

Merry Christmas everyone:).

Memories - first of a few over next few days - this link shows the season in which I won my first ever oval race....also managed to win 2 other races that season AND my first Stock Car Drivers title.

Check out the last race of the season report at Pocono. Championship won on the last lap with the top 3 all vying for the Championship at race start, when fuel mileage came into play.....getting goosebumps just remembering this:-

Sim Factory ARCA Challenge at ARAIG, Sept to Dec 2011

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 10:46 AM on Dec 26, 2016 Post #10

That was fantastic Andy. I do believe we were just starting to realize just what kind of group of drivers you had assembled, using the ARCA sim no less! I don't think anyone had ever experienced sim-racing quite like that up to that point. As Real As It Gets!!

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 09:39 PM on Dec 26, 2016 Post #11

This one was a great battle with Bob Fay at Concord back in 2012. Bob won:-

Concord battle with Bob Fay 2012