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V8 Supercar Racing Etiquette
Dec 04, 2016

Posted by John Smith Id_icon_gray at 11:57 PM on Dec 04, 2016 Post #1

Hi everyone,

It is rather unfortunate that there are those who mix up politics with racing. I recently was threatened by a certain individual by the name or Carlos Lobos. Due to the wild nature of accusations being made, i thought of posting some evidence along with a video of the official v8sc rules as a reference case sample for future arbitration. Viewers are encouraged to share their opinions.

[Video : V8SC Racing Etiquette Rules]

As stated by the official V8SC Racing Etiquette rules by Mark Larkham, an ex-v8 supercar driver turned voice of the sport in the video shown below:
1. No DELIBERATE Crowding.
2. Only ONE change of direction allowed.
3. "B" Pillar as a Guide

[Evidence Of Carlos Lobos's silly antics]

Applying the rules of the sport to your ridiculous antics, a black flag or PLP would have been issued at the minimum for driving infringements on both counts of poor and reckless driving:
1. Deliberate Crowding: Shoving an opponent off the track
2. Desperate Weaving: Multiple

In addition to attempts made at deliberate crowding, mutual respect and spatial awareness are lacking, evident by the following observations:
-Excessive weaving to block with MULTIPLE changes of direction
-Deliberatly jumping off the throttle after a corner, or coasting in an attempt to frighten.
-Wiped your rear bumper repeatedly across my front bumper while I was following; a very dangerous and clearly evident of deliberate intent at poor driving standards.

Unfortunate for Carlos Lobos, his poor driving and silly antics have gone public. I decided to keep it clean nonetheless, as depicted by my evidence, showing myself giving Carlos Lobos respectful room as we went around side by side or even backing off to avoid a crash when you chopped me several times. Others would have not have let up or worse: shoved back at you given your silly antics.

It would be rather interesting to hear what Tim Shenkin or Jason Bargwana, our V8SC race director and driving standards observer respectively has to say on the matter of Carlos's silly antics.

However if he still insists on playing politics and defaming one all day long, I can only point out the example of Senna v Prost or more recently, Hamilton v Rosberg. Drivers with tenacity and genuine passion always come up on top, leaving their political opponenets burnt out and frustrated to the point of quitting. Carlos, if you are uncomfortable or dislike the idea of going wheel-to-wheel with someone, perhaps destruction demo derby or sticking to single file racing might be best. Quite an unpleasant experience, unlike my usual battles with others. Race hard but fair.

Disclaimer: I take no responsiblity for ending Carlos Lobo's R2P career or if he suffers from a reputation loss from others; if others aren't as kind to him on track after seeing this. He consented to this by insisting that the evidence be posted.

Posted by Gilles Lalonde Id_icon at 01:31 AM on Dec 05, 2016 Post #2

Don't hesitate!

Not because R2P is closing that it becomes useless to file a protest.