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Nov 24, 2016

Posted by Michael Kolar Id_icon_gray at 03:42 AM on Nov 24, 2016 Post #1

PASRL (formerly NASRL) had a long history here, dating back to 2006, and I will carry fond memories of racing buddies (past and present) made here with me wherever I drive online. Race2Play made us a good home, archived here in screenshots and stories that live on just the way Tim & Todd imagined they might. Best wishes to Tim & Todd in their future endeavors.

Vintage racing in the PASRL tradition carries on today at CMS (cmsracing.com), in the same way that Assetto Corsa carries on the vision of P&G. If you're a past (or future) friend that misses USGTR or NASRL or PASRL, catch up with us there.

Until then, drive in peace!
Mike (aka Hutch)

Posted by Felipe Anzolin Id_icon_gray at 12:53 PM on Nov 27, 2016 Post #2

Thanks for the P&G events on sunday nights Mike, Wish I had raced more of them. P&G is the one thing that will ever keep GTR2 alive on my hard drive... your way of balancing the whole field always guaranteed lots of fun.

Posted by Ross McGregor Id_icon_gray at 05:39 PM on Nov 27, 2016 Post #3

Always enjoyed the P&G events, thanks for everything.

I have registered at CMS.

Posted by Ray Nelson Id_icon_gray at 01:29 PM on Dec 03, 2016 Post #4

What a walk down memory lane your post was Mike. R2P was a benchmark for sim racers in many ways and under your guidance PASRL was a leader in league events. Big thanks to you and R2P for allowing me to race with many many fine people. I see several of you in a few other locations and hope to reunite with many more of you down the road.

All the best to you all!

Posted by Bill Kaiser Id_icon at 07:33 PM on Dec 03, 2016 Post #5

Thanks Mike, I always enjoyed racing with you guys! I'm still seeing the world but may settle down in the spring or summer.

Posted by Michael Kolar Id_icon_gray at 11:13 PM on Dec 06, 2016 Post #6

By the way- the method outlined here in post #6 worked great for me- I archived my own history and PASRL's race history in a couple of hours and about 250mb. If you'd like to hang on to some of that history, I'll vouch this will do it.