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Nov 22, 2016

Posted by Ricardo Gomes Id_icon_gray at 12:45 PM on Nov 22, 2016 Post #1

Hi guys!

I've made some final races here in r2p.. with rf2, rf1, assetto corsa and GSC

Check'em out ... and JOIN! :)

Posted by John van der Geest Id_icon_gray at 05:38 PM on Nov 22, 2016 Post #2

Great. Could you put the links in please?

Posted by Ricardo Gomes Id_icon_gray at 06:15 PM on Nov 22, 2016 Post #3


Here's half

Mostly combos I wanted to do... and never had a change

Posted by Jason Whited Id_icon_gray at 12:05 AM on Nov 25, 2016 Post #4

Thanks Ricardo. Sorry it took me a while to get around to looking at them. I entered the mini event, that should be fun :) Also, will enter some others if possible but I won't register yet in case something happens. Will register closer to the day the, expect me there, unless something happnes.

Good to see some making the best of the time we have left here.
I've just been really busy making the move to our new racing home and haven't had a chance to much of anything with this, so...wasn't ignoring them, just hadn't got a chance to get over here and respond.

Sent you an email with that link, btw.