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SEAT Racing League
Nov 21, 2016

Posted by Kenny Press Id_icon_gray at 10:57 AM on Nov 21, 2016 Post #1

With the end of R2P coming :( I've decided to try and make the SRL its own independant league.

If anyone wishes to stay racing in the SRL please head over to the facebook page....

SEAT Racing League

I will be working on setting up a website and then will get some events up and running hopefully, it all depends on how the dedicated server goes.

Hope to see everyone stay together :)

Posted by Michal Lewera Id_icon_gray at 10:51 PM on Nov 22, 2016 Post #2

Fingers crossed! See you on the track!

Posted by Kenny Press Id_icon_gray at 05:51 PM on Dec 12, 2016 Post #3

Got a website up and running, set up 4 series for the next year (more to be added)

2 x Race 07 WTCC
1 x RaceRoom WTCC
1 x Assetto Corsa GT3

SRL Website

Check the forum for info

We are looking at getting a couple more admins sorted so then we can cover most days/times without restrictions.

Come along and join in with the fun.