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Future for ARAIG?
Nov 18, 2016

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 07:15 AM on Nov 18, 2016 Post #1

Hi guys.

OK, please check this site out.


I'm very interested in this, looks very professional and seems to be perfect for our needs. It's rF2 Stock Cars, quite a few of the new guys who joined us in 2016 run here. Plus some we know from R2P (e.g. Joe Miller).

I'm in the process of making contact with Phil Stocks regarding what's involved in moving ARAIG.

I'll keep you informed.

Posted by Jim Barisoff Id_icon_gray at 08:54 AM on Nov 18, 2016 Post #2

Hi Andy,

I joined them yesterday.
If you can move ARAIG over there that would be great.

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 03:30 AM on Nov 19, 2016 Post #3

Agreed, count me in. I'll race when time permits me too.

Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon_gray at 03:38 AM on Nov 19, 2016 Post #4

Enjoy guys!

Bit late at night for us Europeans but looks like a nice place.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 06:56 AM on Nov 19, 2016 Post #5

If we race there as the ARAIG league I assume the time I set can be my own choice. We'll see.

Posted by Luis F Almeida Id_icon_gray at 04:41 PM on Nov 25, 2016 Post #6

I have not seen it! Bad news that race2play will close the doors.

As I told Andy, I'm with you guys. Wherever you guys go I go too.

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 11:15 PM on Nov 25, 2016 Post #7

Ive signed up as well ..However I cant do there week day championships ;-/ got that work thing .. so I will be relying on ARAIG to set up some weekend racing !;-)

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 12:22 AM on Nov 26, 2016 Post #8

Rob, it will definitely be around the same time as now - I too am very limited due to timezone, work, Mrs (LOL).

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 08:52 AM on Nov 26, 2016 Post #9

Im a member there now as well. Please Andy, if there is a cost for server fees (Im sure there is) do not keep it to yourself and pay it in full. Let us know what the cost is, as I (and probably most everyone else) will do my best to contribute what I can.

And I'm in the same boat as many of you. Saturday nights EST is the only real time slot I have to myself. While I would love to join the weeknight series at SCSR, it's just not in the cards at this time. Saturday night at SCSR, on the other hand, is wide open for ARAIG events! And I imagine SCSR could accomodate Jari's Sunday evening events too.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 12:46 AM on Jan 02, 2017 Post #10

OK guys, we will be racing over at SCSR (see link in first post above) from 2017 - first event likely to be USA time 21st January.

Please check out the requirements to get "race ready" at SCSR:-


You need to get this done ASAP to be able to race with us:). It includes things like setting up rF2 for the name that's shown in game; having your own car number, setting up your teamspeak name, etc etc.

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 05:39 AM on Jan 02, 2017 Post #11

SWEET! After the handful of races here at R2P where we had some of the SCSR guys run with us, I'm pretty excited. Those guys were courteous and professional on track and fun to chat with over TS...our kind of sim-racers!

This is great news IMO opinion Andy. Thank you so much for keeping ARAIG stock car racing alive!

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 06:59 AM on Jan 14, 2017 Post #12

First event at our new home is due to start on 21 Jan 2017 (Saturday). Official Practice 5pm EST; Qualy 5:45pm EST; Race start 6pm EST.

Season Schedule can be found on the SCSR Forum under the ARAIG section.