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Nov 17, 2016

Posted by Frans van der Linden Id_icon_gray at 05:15 AM on Nov 17, 2016 Post #1

Hello fellow team mates.

Maybe some didn't know this but race2play is about to stop their services end this year.

Click here to read the full article

I am stunned about this... with me many others!!

No is is a shame that we will no more be able to race here.
But we would like to try to continue thw White Knockels Simracing Team!!

As you might knoww, WKS has his own website
Click here to go to the WKS website

Please try to visit our site and leave some ideas behind on our forum. the chit chat sector.
We are trying to host some races our self in 2017.

Yes, the site is no way near the r2p site,
i think no one will beat that site ever!!!

But try to make it alive and bring some friends with you.

Also i would like to have al of you guys their email adress!
SO i can keep you informed about WKS in the future.

Please send me a email with your real name and the email adress where WKS can contact you.
Also please give your steam name, so we can always be in touch one way or the other.

Please send it to:

We only have 6 weeks left!!

For now,
thanks all for making WKS big and well known at

PLease keep an eye on this threat and on

Best regards


Posted by Daniel Blanco Id_icon_gray at 11:31 AM on Nov 21, 2016 Post #2

Okay ❤️