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First thread for our newly formed team, not under the best circumstances.
Nov 16, 2016

Posted by Jason Whited Id_icon_gray at 10:37 PM on Nov 16, 2016 Post #1

Hi guys.

So, I know that you all probably already know the bad news.
..but, we cannot let this drag us down and make us stop., I'm going to make this short and to the point.
Are you guys willing to still be part of this team if we must migrate elsewhere? I have a few invites for other places that we can race, but need some feedback from you all.

First....a poll. What sims do you guys currently have?
Second....if any of you have any suggestions about places we could find to race, please link them here, or send them to me in a pm.

I am certain that this team will continue on, with or without R2P. I have spoken with Bruno and he is onboard to do what it takes. So, I need to know that the rest of you are (and yes, there aren't many of us yet, but we are still growing and that takes time. Recruiting talent like you guys is not something done in a day :)

...I just simply cannot give this up. I cannot. And I hope you guys can't either.

So, if you have some feedback, please add here as that is the reason for the thread, or send it pm if you don't want it posted here for some reason.

Thank you...
-Your teammate...

Posted by Ricardo Gomes Id_icon_gray at 04:17 AM on Nov 18, 2016 Post #2

Hey, i need a place to race... 1 or 2 races a week (do not know where)

I have, rF1, rF2, Assetto Corsa and Game STock Car

Gts and Tourings.. but i race just about anything ahahah