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Race2Play to close end 2016
Nov 15, 2016

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 09:23 PM on Nov 15, 2016 Post #1

Hi guys


It's hidden away on the blog section of the site but the info is in the link above.

At work right now, not had a chance to let it sink in - let alone what it means for ARAIG moving forward.

Posted by Jim Barisoff Id_icon_gray at 10:39 AM on Nov 16, 2016 Post #2


Well, that figures. I finally get a fast & stable internet connection & they shut down?

Sure hope we find another place to race, the last thing I need is more free time on my hands. lol

Posted by Joe Miller Id_icon_gray at 06:39 PM on Nov 16, 2016 Post #3

Check out StockCar Sim Racing http://stockcarsimracing.com/index.php?type=home.

Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 07:13 PM on Nov 16, 2016 Post #4

It is what it is, but I have to admit the first thing I thought was WTF I was going to do with my time during those few precious hours I get to myself on a Saturday night. But as Joe and many others have pointed out, there are options. Im just pissed that I just get my new, bad ass Leafly car on the track, and I only get to show her 2 more times at R2P....

Whats the chances for the the last couple of events to get laps added for a more real life race length, and also try to get the word out through that social media shit you kids use to get a big grid? If this is going to be some of the last couple few stock car events at Race2Play and all.....

Posted by James McCrae Id_icon_gray at 07:02 AM on Nov 17, 2016 Post #5

I have been running a league on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/hammerdownracing/ where we have been racing everything imaginable. Would be great to race some ARCA with you ARSIG guys!

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 07:36 AM on Nov 25, 2016 Post #6

Hi all, info update:-

Just noticed that the current season has already been reduced (by R2P, I hadn't organised anything yet).

Last event is showing as 8th January 2017 (USA 7th January) and is Jacksonville, making it a 4 race season (I think that's the minimum to be classed as a Championship).

Whether we can race in January 2017 remains to be seen.