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Do you thin I am an idiot?
Sep 24, 2016

Posted by Francesco Deleo Id_icon_gray at 11:20 AM on Sep 24, 2016 Post #1

Really do you think I am an idiot?

Posted by John van der Geest Id_icon_gray at 09:45 PM on Sep 25, 2016 Post #2

Well, what are we to THINK if you spell "Do you thin I am an idiot?" like THIN ... I THINK there is a agrument to be made THINKING that could be true, don't you THINK ...? :)

But really, is there a background story to this question or do you just want to introduce yourself?

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 05:48 PM on Oct 02, 2016 Post #3


Am I missing something?

Posted by Simon Swarbrick Id_icon_gray at 07:30 PM on Oct 02, 2016 Post #4

This is funny..

Posted by Arjen Weidman Id_icon_gray at 08:00 PM on Oct 02, 2016 Post #5

This is posted in the HALL OF FAME group and I have to wonder if you want to be in the Hall of Fame being the all time idiot of R2P?

I'm a bit bewildered