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[rf2] Formula 3 1968
Sep 20, 2016

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 05:23 AM on Sep 20, 2016 Post #1

JBRacing is presenting the Formula 3 1968 championship. We will be racing the Spark F3 car on 9 different tracks. The tracks have been selected to fit the retro theme. All these tracks, historical or contemporary, have a certain old school feeling to them. the races will have a duration of 35 minutes.


The first race will take place on September 27 at 9PM CET at the track of Oschersleben in Germany.

Come and join us for the race.

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 11:14 AM on Sep 26, 2016 Post #2

This series will start tomorrow, so be sure to check it out and sign up for the race!

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 04:55 PM on Sep 29, 2016 Post #3

Highlights from the first race at Oschersleben:

Next up is the race at Belgium '66. Definitely another interesting event.


Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 06:16 PM on Sep 29, 2016 Post #4


Was a good time indeed. Looks like it was a mutual agreement that neither of us where backing off going into turn 1 eh Jari? :D

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 03:14 PM on Oct 06, 2016 Post #5

Highlights from the second race at Belgium 1966:

Next up is the race at Oulton Park International Historic:


Come join and race.

Posted by Andy Graydon Id_icon at 01:35 AM on Oct 09, 2016 Post #6

Awesome video

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 05:53 PM on Oct 09, 2016 Post #7

Thank you man, I intend to do a highlight reel from now on if there are enough players on the grid ;-)

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 04:22 PM on Oct 17, 2016 Post #8

Some highlights from round three at Oulton Park:

Tomorrow we race at Barber Motorsports Park:


Come and join the race.

Posted by Paul Anstey Id_icon at 04:07 AM on Oct 18, 2016 Post #9

Nice video Jari. If you'd cut the music when I went off at the hairpin you would have clearly heard the bad language coming from the car. If you look closely you can see the red mist :).

Also didn't realise just how close Colin and I came to taking each other out with our interlocking wheels.

These cars are fantastic. If you want to improve your car control I highly recommend them.

See you tonight.

Posted by Jari Bruppacher Id_icon_gray at 02:02 PM on Nov 07, 2016 Post #10

Well in an hour we will race at Balcarce, come and join us there:


Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon_gray at 02:24 AM on Nov 23, 2016 Post #11

Thanks Jari for a great championship in the Spark F3.

If you are wondering where you get your next fix, well, come and join us at http://www.xtremerpm.org/ where I will be running a series at pretty much the same time as this one occurred.

Following on from discovering practically all tracks in rF2 that were used in my original series here 9 years ago at Race2Play we will revisit Oran Park, Bathurst, Mid Ohio, Sebring, Limerock, Dijon, Zolder, Lienz, Snetterton, Brands Hatch and Silverstone for 30 minute races at each venue. Trois Rivieres will be replaced by Monaco 66, appearing between Limerock and Dijon, and to finish off March, and probably every driver, we will have the last round at Spa 66 as a monumental finale.

13 weeks of awesome Historic Open Wheeler action!!!

Please sign up at xtremerpm.org and await the series appearing in the next few weeks.

Qualifying will be at 8.30pm UK time, for 15 minutes, with the 30 minute race going off at approx 8.50pm UK time.

I expect the series to open up on there by 7/8th of December hopefully.



Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon_gray at 02:26 AM on Dec 07, 2016 Post #12

Sign up is now open on xtremerpm.org.
Login and head to the Championship section and get your name down on the entry list.

Posted by Nick Phillips Id_icon_gray at 03:07 PM on Dec 15, 2016 Post #13

- Formation lap
- Standing Start
- Damage 60%
- Auto Clutch,
- Championship Difficulty: 85% (Gold, Bronze, Silver and white)

All downloads are automatically installed when you join the server.
OR http://downloads.xtremerpm.org/

Qualify: 20:30 - 15 Minutes
Race: 20:50 - 30 Minutes


Round 1
Oran Park
Round 2
Round 3
Mid Ohio no chicane
Round 4
Sebring Full
Round 5
Limerock no chicanes
Round 6
Monaco 1966
Round 7
Dijon Prenois
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10
Snetterton 300
Round 11
Brands Hatch GP
Round 12
Silverstone Historic
Round 13
SPA Historic

Max of 2 Drivers per team. Both drivers score points.

Races: 25 20 16 13 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 03:02 AM on Dec 16, 2016 Post #14

17 signed up so far ! should be a great series !!