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Deutsche Grundstampfer series
Aug 12, 2016

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 06:32 PM on Aug 12, 2016 Post #1

New DRM Historic series is up starting in October. This series will be fun with some new features:

1...there will be two races that will transition from day to night...Le Mans and Sebring

2...You will be able to switch cars with another driver 1 time during the series. This can be done by announcing your intent prior to the event. Once you have made the switch you must use that car for the rest of the series. The driver that gets forced to drive another car can switch with somebody else, but not with the guy who forced a car on him. So by using this tactic you can create trouble for another driver by forcing him or her to drive a dog, while you get the hot car, or by forcing someone to drive a car that they can't drive fast, etc...

NOTE: Give the other driver at least 24 hours to prepare his 'new car'. So give your intent to switch in pre-race at least 24 hours prior to the event. No changing your mind once you have announced the intent to switch.

3...the tire wear is set to x4, so this will cause pit-stops to happen and strategy will be paramount as a result.

Posted by Hernan Hourmilougue Id_icon_gray at 07:51 PM on Aug 12, 2016 Post #2

i love drm... thank you luke

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 08:12 PM on Aug 12, 2016 Post #3

Anybody know of a good picture uploader service? I used to use Tinypic, but it stopped allowing me to post pic's at Race2Play. I prefer something simple and easy to use that is of course free!

Posted by Joe Miller Id_icon_gray at 09:22 PM on Aug 12, 2016 Post #4


Posted by Scott Ring Id_icon_gray at 06:25 AM on Aug 15, 2016 Post #5

Very interesting handicap system

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 02:57 PM on Aug 15, 2016 Post #6

Something different to make things more interesting?

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 07:27 PM on Sep 13, 2016 Post #7

Might cancel this series as I have to work during it and will therefore not be able to participate?

Posted by Gilles Lalonde Id_icon at 01:59 PM on Sep 14, 2016 Post #8

There's always some good and some bad in everything.
(I'm sure someone said that before me)

DRM, Luke, you know I'm gonna be there and try to make the phat Porsche turn into corners.

But I'm doing 4 series right now, I can't do this one.

If you postpone, keep us abreast of the dates as most of this season's series finishes by the end of November.

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 05:50 PM on Sep 14, 2016 Post #9

OK Gilles..as for the Porsche, they turn fairly well just remember to brake while doing it so the weight transfers forward to the front tires for gripping and she will turn for you just fine:)

Posted by Luke Maney Id_icon_gray at 05:53 PM on Sep 14, 2016 Post #10

I will wait on this series till about 1 week before it starts, If my work schedule doesn't change then I will cancel it.