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Simtek's GT3 World Series for rFactor 2
Jul 04, 2016

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 11:48 AM on Sep 05, 2016 Post #16

I wonder in the pick up races if they closed off there engine cooling. I think its fully open with default. I tried it with medium and my brake duct half closed to get the brakes warmer. Gave me some speed on the straight at mid ohio compared to fully open.

Posted by April Dillon Id_icon_gray at 12:22 PM on Sep 05, 2016 Post #17

I'm sure it's possible to run with less rear wing than I did too, since the default setup has to be relatively safe. Gears are fixed and rear wing is the only aero change we've got, so it probably is easy to have one setup you use for almost every track, and maybe that's what those guys had done.

I gave it another go, and found the same. Rad and duct down helps, and it is possible to live with less wing with a little bit more care. Everything's warmer, as you say, but still in a safe range.

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 08:04 PM on Sep 05, 2016 Post #18

With all the cars involved we should collaborate on testing !
Today I spent some time on the IsR server with track rotation on with 4 tracks so I did all 4 races..

The server was set up with 20 min P ,20 min Q ,20 min race's so I spent some quality time with the mod ..

so far Ive tested 2 cars ..

1.The F488 = its cat like moves are smooth and a good over all car it felt like it had to much TC .. I noticed late in the last min of the race's it got real loose even though tires were still in the green low on ware but running a little hotter at the end .. I messed with this set up before hand and I think it screwed the pooch it had bad over steer on exit so I messed with the rebounds to tame it a bit and that gave me good throttle off exit ..but it turned into jelly after 20 min of racing lol

2. The Mercedes AMG GT3 = This thing is a beast ! my fav so far ..raw power with TC off .. quicker off the line then the f488 and way quicker then the Bentley the line .lol only tweak I mad was lowering rear ARB and the thing took off ! the car was as quick in the end without the jelly

the server allowed TC and I tried the 3 settings in the garage but not until I manually turned OFF TC via the key board f8 did I feel the raw power ..

When messing with engine cooling and break ducts I was able to build a 5 lap Q set that was almost 2 sec's quicker than race set they matter ..
at Portugal I over heated on 'MED engine cooling' after only 6 or so laps so bumped it back to full ....

I get what you guys (and gal) are saying about the over all feel ..lighter than the URD EGT GT3's for sure as it should be as EGT carry's more weight..

We need to get this in the review section !

I had today off so explored it a lot but that's the only time I had for it till end of the week ;-(

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 09:47 AM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #19

They are a Joy to drive. I too was on the ISR server running a few races. I was able to run med cooling for 20 minutes at Sao paulo with brake ducting at 40% closed in the Lamborghini. I wasn't watching the temp but I never overheated.

The rear wing only has 6 adjustment settings. I was able to get it down to P2 and was able to maintain it by lowering the rear roll bar and springs and stiffening the front bar and springs but towards the end of the race, the rear got very loose on me.

I can see why the GT3 class is shaping up to be very competitive, less setup and more driver oriented. I can see the races being very close. With Tire management being a very big factor. I like the fact about the minimal setup adjustments as April said I've always used the same setup for every track with minor adjustments. Its much easier and less time consuming.

I will say you can't toss these cars about though, they don't like being pushed like the URD cars which are more of GTePro. Really have to use some finesse and smooth driving. At least with the simtek cars you can tell when the car steps out, and if you can't recover your simply over driving it.

With the only class now GT3 in the world of Grand touring racing. With GTLM and GTAM only difference is tires but using the same FIA GT3 Spec cars. I miss my GT1 and GT2 pre 2010 spec classes though, guess I have to get with the times.

Posted by Kenny Gillespie Id_icon_gray at 11:43 AM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #20

I agree with you, Andy. I prefer the "golden age" of GT class cars more popular since you had to drive with the finesse, smooth driving since you were driving high horsepowered, high tech GT1 cars. Once things stabilize I'm going to focus more on the GT1/Prototypes and keep GT3/Touring as more of a support thing. But I really want to try this mod even though technically these cars are suppose to be 2.5 seconds slower then Gte cars and I heard they match times on rF2...

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 01:37 PM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #21

You won't be disappointing Kenny. They are a blast to drive no less. The lap times I could find kind of summarize where Today's cars stand against the cars from 10 years ago. Some food for thought and to show how much technology has come along.

I'll use Le mans because its the only track that hasn't be reconfigured in this span.

In the 2008 24HR of Le mans, GT1 class C6R was lapping 3:47.668 as a best lap. In GT2 class the Porsche 997 GT3 RSR was lapping 3:58.152.

Fast forward to 2016 24HR lemans, GTEpro Ford eco boost was lapping 3:51.185. GTeAm (not sure what care) was lapping 3:56.827.

The GTeAM class is GT3 spec, while the GTePro is less restrictive in car design and down force. So if I have it right this mod compares to the GTeAm class which according to lemans are faster than that era GT2 class.

I'm ignoring the 2011 to 2013 GT1 spec because it was a crap shoot from SRO to make the cars more affordable with no teams to participate it fell flat. Putting the nail on the coffin for GT1 class racing.

So here for Rfactor 2 we have LMP1, LMP2, URD (GTePro), GT3 (GTeAm).

Be interesting to see how these all would look in a 90 minute race.

Posted by Kenny Gillespie Id_icon_gray at 04:50 PM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #22

Yeah well SRO BS'D GT1 in 2012 calling GT3 cars GT1 which was a disgusting way of showing off GT3 in a GT1 series...

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 04:51 PM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #23

So apparently this mod ripped a bunch of content? The ISI thread was apparently removed as well.

Anyone else catch wind of this?

Posted by Rob Milliken Id_icon at 05:08 PM on Sep 06, 2016 Post #24

Not so sure on that Aaron ..Its still in the spot light first page on steam and one of the most downloaded mods for now .. but lets see what happens ..

Posted by Arwin Taruna Id_icon_gray at 12:36 PM on Sep 11, 2016 Post #25

the mods is unfinished, why all the cars have the same CoD? its funny when camaro and macca have the same value. also camaro has biggest fuel tank, worth to mention it has corvette engine.. also the camaro has the biggest power-to-engine ratio. dude..

all in all, pick camaro :)