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FFB "stopped" working
Mar 22, 2012

Posted by Luiz Silveira Id_icon_gray at 10:30 AM on Mar 22, 2012 Post #1

Hi guys,

Sorry to ask yet again for help. Hopefully some time I'll be able to help back too.

Out of a brain blurp I installed the XD plugin for GTR2. Brain blurp since of course it wouldn't run well in my already very slow computer.

Anyway, since then my ffb is not properly working (might be a coincidence, I really don't know). I'm trying to play today, race is in 3 hours, but I can't really race like this. I've tried to tweak every possible setting. And the weirdest is it was working before.

If I set it < 40 in game, then I have BARELY no FFB at all. Can't even feel if I'm hopping on the grass. If I set it > 40, I get massive FFB including gym-like centering springs. Every turn is a massive effort.

I can't seem to get anything in between anymore!

I have already uninstalled XD (deleted the d9d3.dll and the .ini file. Should I do anything else?)

I've tried multiple computer resets and the like. No help.

My last resort would be to uninstall/reinstall GTR2... but I don't think I'll try that before tonight's race.


edit: just tested with rfator and works "great" (as great as my faulty momo would). So def. not something with the wheel itself, or with Logitech drivers etc.

Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 02:01 PM on Mar 22, 2012 Post #2

Gets a bit Panicky when race time arrives and something breaks down.. Just like in real life ;)

Posted by Luiz Silveira Id_icon_gray at 03:40 PM on Mar 22, 2012 Post #3

Yup, it does work with rfactor. Not with GTR2 though. Funny thing.

I set a profile with 2% centering force and 150% springs and dampers. Sounds exaggerated but it was the best I could manage to make it playable... :S

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 06:20 PM on Mar 22, 2012 Post #4

I used the advanced ForceFeedback menu from to make a few adjustments you normally have to adjust in the ini file.