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S24 FIA GT 2004 series announcement
Mar 15, 2012

Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 10:01 AM on Mar 15, 2012 Post #1

See the full schedule

Race Settings
Start Type: Manual Formation
Weather: Changeable
Distance: 90 minutes or 250km
Damage: 100%
Cautions: Off
Parc-Ferme: No
Aides: Auto Clutch & Auto Shift

Other restrictions

  • 2004 GT and nGT cars
  • Minimum Sports Car Rank requirement
  • All drivers must be able to run consistent laps at a reasonable pace within their car-class. Failure to do so will result in the Steward asking you to leave the race or switch car-class to ensure a higher quality event for everyone. Please race in a class suitable to your skill/experience level.

    Drivers Championship Points
    Race: 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1

    Team Points [Read more]

    Choose the tracks to be raced in this series! [See how]

    Posted by Charlie Parker Id_icon_gray at 12:10 PM on Mar 15, 2012 Post #2

    GTR2 in my favorite time slot!!!! There is a God after all. I'll be there!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 04:42 PM on Mar 15, 2012 Post #3

    I may run some of these sometimes I work saturdays but if not I'll make a showing.

    Take the GTC out for one final run. I may even buy up a few tracks.

    Posted by Fernando Cardenas Id_icon_gray at 08:47 AM on Mar 16, 2012 Post #4

    This series should really be 2x fuel/tyres to keep it balanced.

    Posted by Reinhard Berger Id_icon_gray at 09:22 AM on Mar 16, 2012 Post #5

    i did not read about cars for take.

    can we drive in each race the car we like to drive?
    or must we stay with 1 car the complete season?
    or can we only drive each car 1xtimes like it was last GT master season.


    Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 03:05 PM on Mar 16, 2012 Post #6

    I wouldnt complain if it were 2x tires and fuel. Make for some interesting race.

    You can run Valenica long in a F360GTC for 90 minutes with no stop at 1x with some early shifts and less engine braking.

    Posted by Fernando Cardenas Id_icon_gray at 03:28 AM on Mar 17, 2012 Post #7

    Hey Reinhard,

    You are allowed to choose any car as long as it is FIA 2004 (GT & NGT) season. There is no restriction on the use limit of a particular car. Which is exactly why it should be 2x fuel and tyres... I don't want to say it but... Biased to high fuel cars again...

    Anyway, before I start ranting, the Larbre (Michelin) Vipers are now off limits to use, and normally as a result I would have no interest in this pro Italian GT turkey shoot. I still have my #2 car: the S7R. But the high fuel bias would make it nigh unbeatable, xD. Might just warm up the little T400-R in NGT. She is such a hot little devil and a proper blast to race! :)


    Posted by Reinhard Berger Id_icon_gray at 04:46 AM on Mar 17, 2012 Post #8

    thanks fernando for information.

    Posted by Pete Bunce Id_icon at 11:15 AM on Mar 17, 2012 Post #9

    Might just do the same, Fernando

    Posted by Reinhard Berger Id_icon_gray at 12:21 AM on Apr 01, 2012 Post #10

    hello R2P,

    i do read racelenght is 250km or 90min. (think, like real, whatever comes first is race end)

    but how will you make this??
    you can only set race for length 90min. or set to laps??

    so will this series be in time? or in laps? set?

    both not possible, especialy if (how it in so much addon tracks) the racelaps are wrong calculated in .gdb file.
    and if i understand correct, than in R2P it is forbidden to change something in .gdb file (or other files from orginal track/mod. maker).
    so if you set this series to to time, then we have same as always.
    if you will set it to laps (250km), then before every race, someone must write how much laps the 250km will be and then r2p chiefs can set race to laps.

    little confused about this.

    lemans for example will be set in time a 90min. race (because track have WAY to much laps set in .gdb file)
    but if we drive in 250km (laps), then race end already after perhaps 68-70min, because fast average speed (18 laps = 250km).
    so big different in racelenghts it will be...

    so if this series set in laps or in time???

    thanks for answear

    Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 04:59 AM on Apr 01, 2012 Post #11

    I get what your saying Rein.

    One thing that will keep it from ending like that is weather.
    Wet tracks are slower so less laps but the full time distance.

    I wouldnt mind seeing the weather mod stick its head in for a few races. Especially at Spa.

    Posted by Tony Watts Id_icon_gray at 09:46 AM on Apr 02, 2012 Post #12

    Reinhard, I expect it to be set to 90 mins. It works fine if amount of laps configured for a track is correct or intentionally too high like at Le Mans. If there are tracks that have too few laps configured for 3h/500km races, like some add-on tracks, there will be problems unless those races are set to x laps only.

    Hoping for an official clarification.

    Posted by Race2Play Staff Id_icon_gray at 10:45 AM on Apr 02, 2012 Post #13

    GTR2 is hard-coded to do "which-ever comes first". Either 90-minutes or 1/2 race distace (normally 250km for FIA-GT race). However, some addon tracks have the race distance set too short (such as a F1 track which has # of laps set to 300km) so the 90-minute race will end at 1/2 race distance (150km) well before the 90-minutes are up.

    To simplify this, we will set the races to 90-minutes. If an addon track will end the race early, we will set the # of laps.