VHR 2012 Now Available
Feb 18, 2012

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 04:24 PM on Feb 18, 2012 Post #1

The 2012 version 1.1 is now available for download.

VHR 2012 v1.1

Enjoy adrenaline-pumping action in NASCAR Sprint Cup series, Camping World Truck Series and also the Nationwide Series. Career mode provides the opportunity to compete at all the real-world NASCAR tracks alongside 42 other cars - battling for victories, Drivers perfect their pit-stops, and master their racing reflexes. VHR's physic's has been engineered from the beginning to present a greater challenge to the skills of even the best sim drivers


Posted by Jim Eagan Id_icon at 02:17 AM on Feb 20, 2012 Post #2

According to a Facebook post I just read, there's a 1.2 patch out now. Just a heads up.

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 03:05 PM on Feb 20, 2012 Post #3

There is supposed to be a small patch to fix an issue with one of the tracks. It has not been released yet.

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 05:50 PM on Feb 20, 2012 Post #4

If your spotter is not working, here is the fix

Spotter Fix

Posted by Erin Bienduga Sr Id_icon_gray at 08:06 AM on Feb 21, 2012 Post #5

The 1.2 Patch is up and ready.... Tom, should I get that or leave it as 1.1?
I clicked on the link that you left above, it took me to VHR, but there was nothing there

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 08:21 AM on Feb 21, 2012 Post #6

Hold off on the 1.2 patch until I announce otherwise.]

The 1.2 patch got messed up, so don't install it. He will be releasing it fixed Wednesday. Actually, I would hold off on anymore updates until things settle down.

Posted by Jim Barisoff Id_icon_gray at 12:14 PM on Feb 21, 2012 Post #7

The spotter works without the Spotter Fix, you just don't get lap times. So, if you don't want lap times, don't bother with it. Also, if you install this patch you can't shut off the lap time announcement.

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 12:19 PM on Feb 21, 2012 Post #8

The 1.2 patch is no longer available for download until the issues have been fixed.

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 01:33 PM on Feb 21, 2012 Post #9

We will stay with 1.1 until further notice.

Posted by Jesse Simon Id_icon_gray at 10:30 PM on Feb 22, 2012 Post #11

Hait to sound negative but is anyone else out there tired of the same ol same ol from Corvette Dave and the way he promotes his Mod? Been racing VHR for a long time, putting up with his rediqulous timers on his web site that never seem to count down to a working mod. After having a hole calander year to prepare for 2012 he comes out with still another flubed up mod! I wait and wait like a little kid on Christmas for a good mod, I get all pumped up just to get let down again... if the installer is the problem as he says on his web site why is it taking 3 DAYS to fix it? Its 7:30 pm in Texas, the day the 1.2 patch is supposed to be re-leased... still no patch... there is a new mod called Stock Car Sim Racing.. the guys developing it are really into making it as real as possible. Give it a try... its pretty darn neet! I think I've had enough Dave sorry bud.

Posted by Tom Moseley Id_icon_gray at 11:42 PM on Feb 22, 2012 Post #12

There's nothing wrong with v1.1 so far that I can tell. The things that he's working to fix don't affect us right now so I'm content to wait and continue to use v1.1.

Posted by Sidney Thomas Id_icon_gray at 01:30 AM on Feb 23, 2012 Post #13

I feel your pain Jesse. However, It is a huge effort to produce a mod or any software and not have bugs. The term "Bug" did not come from thin air. I applaud Dave and others who freely produce mods for us to race.

Also, I agree with Tom. v1.1 is working fine. Love the Ferris Wheel at Daytona :>

Hang in there Jesse!