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Let's remind ourselves to thank Tim and Todd for all their efforts at R2P
Dec 22, 2011

Posted by Ken Jagger Id_icon_gray at 10:40 AM on Dec 23, 2011 Post #16

Couldn't agree more with all the comments above and would like to add my gratitude and thanks to T&T for providing the best and most varied online racing environment I've ever encountered.

Long may it continue!

Posted by Boyd Bryson Id_icon_gray at 11:25 AM on Dec 23, 2011 Post #17

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to firstly T&T, but also to everyone who makes the effort to admin and steward.

I don't know who all the stewards are, but I'd like to make a special mention of Steve. Thanks to Steve Taylor for his dedicated efforts, and obviously all the other stewards.

Every year get's better, so 2012 is gonna be great!

Posted by Doug Dezan Id_icon_gray at 02:33 PM on Dec 23, 2011 Post #18

One heck of a year guys. The site is looking awesome. I have now pretty well found my way around, the Race2Play Site is really looking good, all the holes are filled in, more new content popping up as the months pass. I did miss the colored text though from years ago(hint) :) I had to PM Todd on many occasions about my coding as I got myself into a jam many times and Todd would fix it for me. I never see him on the race track, he must be always to busy working up a storm on the site.

Thanks Todd

Tim has to be one of the most patient guys I know. Besides me sending him messages almost every other day and all the organizing that he has to do to make sure all the races are running smoothly answering FAQ's, Policing to keep us all under control lol has a full time job here. I asked him once privately if he ever sleeps"?" I see his name on the list when ever I am on, there he is. Myself and could say even the other chapter leaders appreciate all he did to help us and give us the opportunity to run servers here at Race2Play. Tim also has to spend time dealing with us :)

Thanks Tim

And to the Race2Play Officials who also helped here at R2P, without them Todd and Tim wouldn't be able to do the work they needed to to if the Officials and Stewarts weren't here

Thanks Guys

Happy Holidays