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How to see Simulation mode servers in GTR2
Feb 09, 2007

Posted by Tim McArthur Id_icon_gray at 01:19 PM on Feb 09, 2007 Post #1

This is a quick guide for someone new to GTR2 who may not know that a new installation of GTR2 will not show the "Simulation" multiplayer lobby without changing your profile option.

- First, install and patch GTR2 and create a proper profile using the proper naming convention.
- Click the "Realism" button at the bottom-center of the first screen in GTR2.
- Select "Simulation" mode (it defaults to "Novice")
- Select "Multiplayer" from the main screen
- Select "Internet" from the multiplayer screen
- Register a new multiplayer account using any nick and password you prefer. This nickname will not appear in the sim itself, so it does not need to meet our naming convention.
- Log in to Multiplayer using the account you just created
- Scroll down the list to find the Race2Play servers. They are all shown as "Race2Play - ..." in the lobby.