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Was amazing fun time 2008 to 2016
Jan 02, 2017

I remember my first time here at Race2Play, I was a Newbie to SIM racing as it was I thought I knew all about online racing, oh boy was I out of my league. The first two race was a disaster crashing, punting, hell you think I was a wrecker. GTR2 was my first race here I think and I didn't know what league racing was all about. With all the other times I raced was on open public servers where all the wild cowboy drivers were. That all change though after getting in shit by the Stewart's several times.

Well I wasn't going to quit that easily. There was this beginners series that use to be at R2P called the BMW Challenge using the SIM Demo of the same name where all new to SIM raacing could go and learn how to race. I remember the clan of us who were in it eventually became members of my chapter back in 2008. We stuck together for a couple years until we grew better into driving and parted our ways to other league opportunities at R2P.

Watching the site of Race2Play grow from the little community of its own pleasure to a business for many who now are here because of it. Todd had put many many hours into the site to get it where it is today with the great simple looking site that was made for us to be able to use and create series and events without the spread sheet way us chapter members had to create our series on and sent it to Tim to manually set up the races.

There can be much more I could write about the history of Race2Play but I don't think I need to repeat what most of you already know. This is a place we can call a ONE OF A KIND.

Today I am here posting my last message and saying goodbye to Todd and Tim and to thank you for your almost 9 years of knowing you. Through the good and bad II had a HELL YA of a good time here. You guys thought me a lot.

I would like to say good bye to the members who I probably won't ever race with again, maybe one day we will cross roads somewhere on the world wide web.

It's now a New Year and a new future for virtual racing for me with my small community of buddies and to find a new generation of SIM racers to join my league a league of a few friends who just want to pass time and race.

Good Bye and Happy News Years to all

Doug Dezan

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Posted by Flaviu Bozga Id_icon_gray at 09:02 PM on Jan 02, 2017 Comment #1

Happy New Year !!!
and ...
Good bye :-(