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My 2016 R2P Year End Review
Dec 31, 2016

OK, the last day for R2P, so the last chance to post on my thoughts on 2016 at R2P - something I did year in year out in my 8.5 years of Sim racing here.

Unfortunately there's not much data to post stats on. To cut a long story short, got quite ill early in the year but on the road to recovery. But that impacted on my Sim Racing. So here goes....

7 races in 2016 plus 1 Time Trial.

No wins, best finish 3rd.

4 events in ASRX (basically Arca Sim Racing stock cars)

3 events in rFactor 2

1 event in Stock Car Extreme.

11 screen shots this year. My personal favourite is this one, from a Formula Extreme (latest F1 car) from Stock Car Extreme, chicane at end of Montreal lap:-

But I'll add this one from rFactor 2, my last race at Northside (Richmond in ISI Stock Car 2015). Love the shot, loved the denial from the community on Facebook that this came out of rF2 with only speed blur added and a bit of darker contrast. LOL:-

I'd like to thank all the guys who supported me both mentally and financially here at R2P during this tough year. Hopefully we stay in touch.

I'll be racing on with my Stock Car league (ARAIG) over at the Stock Car Sim Racing website (a group of leagues all running at the same site, should be very good for numbers and like minded Sim racers).

As for my road racing exploits, I honestly don't know what I'll end up doing - but looking likely that it'll be in Australia there's not much that fits in with my timezone that the Americas/European drivers are now moving to.

R2P was ideal for me. And I'll miss it immensely.

Happy New Year everyone. All the best for the future.

As I end my R2P career, here's an overview of my final Stats:-

577 Events (200 in Stock Cars).

63,213 miles.

192 Podiums.

60 wins.

11 Sims raced at R2P (8 Sims I've managed a win, those being ARCA/ASRX; Formula Truck 2013; GTR2; iRacing; Race 07; rFactor (Indy 500!!!); rFactor 2; Stock Car Extreme).

14 Drivers Championships.

10 Track Records.

1,581 Screenshots since June 2008.

Owner of Phoenix Racing team here at R2P.

Two leagues run:- ARAIG (As Real As It Gets), a Stock Car only league since 2010; AND Showcase Sim Series (all things not rFactor 1 related) since 2012.

A big thank you to Tim and Todd for creating R2P, a big part of my life and memories I'll never forget.

And finally a BIG BIG thanks to my fellow Sim Racers, and to the many I now like to call FRIENDS that I met around the world through this hobby.

Comments (by most recent)

Posted by Aaron Jackson Id_icon_gray at 05:42 AM on Jan 04, 2017 Comment #3

I'll rope Andy into some road racing in stock cars. He's not done turning right yet.


Posted by Bob Fay Id_icon_gray at 10:46 AM on Jan 02, 2017 Comment #2

The pleasure has been all mine Andy. Thankfully we will get to continue racing at SCSR!

Facebook community?! I'm hoping my car's livery doesnt get too noticed, copyright infringement maybe, you never know...

BTW, dont you guys know that using Facebook just makes it easier for The Man to find you??

Posted by Ze Jesus Id_icon_gray at 01:03 AM on Jan 01, 2017 Comment #1

Happy New Year Andy!

Great review!