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RallyX Time Trials
Dec 16, 2016

RallyX Time Trials at Bent Metal SIM Racing

Foreword: So who fancies themselves as a rally driver? And who just loves going round a corner sideways? Well I do for a start, in fact, 31 years ago I had the chance to race in the Lombard Rally Championship, unfortunately I could not find the sponsorships needed to participate, so that was that!

Anyway, thank God for SIM Racing!! Because now I can bring the cars and the tracks to you! Historic Rally Cars, short rally tracks, long rally tracks, hill climbs and even ice/snow rally tracks, and if all that doesn't get your heart pumping then this series isn't for you. Please feel free to sign up and join in the fun of setting the fastest time in the Rallycross Time Trials at BMSR.

Mod: Historic Rally Cars - Group F

Alfa Romeo GTA, Alpine A110, BMW 2002 Alpina, Ford Escort RS, Lancia Fulvia, NSU Prinz TTS, R12 Gordini, R8 Gordini, Renault 5 Turbo, Simca

Race Length: Server will be up from 9am Tuesday to 9pm Friday (GMT) giving you 4 days to set your best lap times.

RallyX TT @ BMSR

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