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Bent Metal SIM racing
Dec 01, 2016

I now have a SIM racing website up and running, it'll never be on the same scale as Race2Play, but it does offer free membership. (Currently there is no registration or login process)

I am running an annual leaderboard where the winner shall receive a personalized BMSR trophy, I believe I am the first to offer a SIM racing trophy... :)

I will be running rFactor 1 races on Monday, GSCE races on Wednesdays and GT Legend races on Friday, they are all point scoring championships.

I run my own servers which will be running most days 9am till 9pm for practice, lap times go through to BMSR at

If you are interested then check out the website by clicking on the link below.

Bent Metal SIM Racing

The first race I am running is DTM's, Monday evenings at 8pm GMT. Time scale is 40 minutes, fuel x4 and tyre x2, so it will involve a tactical pitstop.

If you are interested you can sign up at the link below.

Sign Up Here

Comments (by most recent)

Posted by Gilles Lalonde Id_icon at 12:39 AM on Dec 04, 2016 Comment #7

Nice work Simon,

But! 20:00 - 21:00 (GMT) -5 for Eastern N. America is 3 pm, I'll be at work. Darn.

See ya all... somewhere.

Your entry list looks like an R2P event... Great!

Posted by Simon Swarbrick Id_icon_gray at 02:38 PM on Dec 03, 2016 Comment #6

Okay, I have ammended page titles and added a favicon, and included a clock on the home page and the events page so that people know what time zone BMSR is in.

Posted by Simon Swarbrick Id_icon_gray at 01:50 PM on Dec 03, 2016 Comment #5

@ Ken Jagger, the next series I create I shall start at 9pm GMT, maybe even 9:30pm GMT.

@ Gilles Lalonde, thanks for the website input, I shall make changes ASAP. :)

Posted by Gilles Lalonde Id_icon at 02:16 AM on Dec 03, 2016 Comment #4

Hey Simon,

Good Show, I look into it this Sunday.

Just 2 little thing from a quick visit:

I bookmarked the site and the TITLE of the home page is just "Home". I would change it to "Bent Metal SIM Racing".

Also, I'm North American East Coast, the DTM race show a time of 20:000 to 21:00. It did not, at a glance, show me if that time slot was in which time zone.

Cya at the races!

Posted by Ken Jagger Id_icon_gray at 08:12 PM on Dec 02, 2016 Comment #3

Everything looks really good Simon, but for me the races are/will be 1-2hrs too late, otherwise I'd be joining up now without hesitation.

Good luck with these first few series. I'll keep a watch on your website for future events which might fit my schedule.

Posted by Joao Botelho de Sousa Id_icon_gray at 12:50 PM on Dec 01, 2016 Comment #2

Great! And simple!

Posted by Mark Carty Id_icon_gray at 12:44 PM on Dec 01, 2016 Comment #1

Looking good Simon, I'll be there.